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Dec 2020

The passing of Peter Pignali


Sad news. Worked with Peter on a number of projects when I was PM(Telecomms) at Liverpool Street.

A very resourceful person, always managed to get things done!

RIP Peter.

Regards  Terry Haynes


Sad news indeed, I have fond memories of Pete from the many months that I was seconded down in Liverpool Street........where did all those years go?

My thoughts go to his family, Pete was a great man.

Best wishes  Steve Allday


Certainly sad news. Peter was a key part of the 50 Liverpool Street team.

RIP Peter.

Stay safe everybody.

Regards Fred Perry


In loving memory of Pete Pinagli.




Passing of John Bedford

Hi Colin

Thanks for the sad news.

John was quite a character. He often used to volunteer to cover for the unpopular shifts like Boxing Day.

I was also going to reply to Dave’s email.

Keep safe

Best wishes to the family

Cheers  Peter Johnson


So John “ I’m new here” Bedford  has gone but definitely not forgotten

I look forward to when we can meet up and raise a glass or two

Keep safe, Cheers



On 27/11/2020 08:25, Colin Northrop wrote:

Was recently contacted by John's daughter Judith to say her dad sadly suddenly died a week ago Tuesday, which would have been on the 24th November. Although John was in his early 90's, he spent the last 10 years in a Dementia Care Home. Up to his Eighties, we would regularly meet up to go on a country walks via a train journey of course. This still didn't compare to his expeditions to Macu Pacu in Peru or his climb up to Everest Base Camp.

Due to Covid, the family will only be having a very simple funeral as Judith's family as the only ones in the UK , as his three sons live abroad. They are hoping to have a celebration of John's life later next year when the Covid rules are more relaxed.

Have cc'sd Clive Patterson in to add John's  passing on the Telecoms info website. Clive for people that didn't know John, he was based at CDC at Marylebone, but believe many people would have been aware of John as he was part of the fixtures.

Keep safe and here's hoping we can meet up soon for our CDC reunion.




Hello everyone,

I have some news for you that is both happy and sad. For Paul, its happy news as he is retiring and gets a well-deserved rest from the hustle & bustle of work. For me and the business it is very sad news as we losing a well-respected & dedicated professional engineer with absolutely oodles of experience and knowledge. He will definitely be a very hard act to follow. I am both grateful and thankful for the many years of service he has dedicated to the Rail Industry. However, he has made the enviable decision to retire and we must all respect it. I hope like me you wish him well in retirement.

Now a few words from the master himself.

Dear All,  Sorry to say.

I am retiring after nearly 44 years on the Railway.

I will try to phone as many of you that are in my contact list as possible.

If I forget you  or miss you out then , I am sorry, please don’t be annoyed it is not a personal rebuff or insult.

You can of cause phone me instead during working hours until close of play Thursday 16th July.

So to those I have helped over the years , you are, as always, most welcome.

Strangely I did enjoy all those midnight drives. I have lost count of how many dawns I have seen.

 To those that have helped me, in the tight moments when the trains were stopping and nothing was working, a big big thank you.

To all of you and the characters out there,

Stay well, stay safe.


Paul Speed   Field Technical Support Engineer



​(Please note all social distancing requirements were met)

 From Julie re: Jeff Hackett funeral

Thanks for your help in passing message round and them (former colleagues) turning up made me cry even more to know he had such good friends thanks once again

I was so nervous about the service but I hope I did him proud and gave him a good send off.  It was lovely to see so many railway vans there and people coming knowing they would have to wait outside.


Ged Noonan




Shocked to receive your notice of the death of Jeff, a stalwart attendee of Telecoms social occasions.  A likable, well respected, larger than life member of the Railway family, whom we all assumed was certain to receive a birthday card from HRH the Queen.

It was a privilege to have known Jeff and it  will be a disappointment that because of the current restrictions in place, his friends and ex colleagues will not be able to join together to celebrate his life.  We will not hear the fund of tales from his Manchester friends and ex colleagues who would have shared them with us, over a beer.   

However he will not be forgotten and remembered when we next meet RIP Jeff Hackett



 In case you have not already seen the message that Ged Noonan sent out earlier today,

 Re the very sad news the Jeff passed away last Sunday 14th, after suffering a Heart Attack, aged 80

 We don’t have any more details yet, and we will keep you informed re Funeral arrangements etc, but with the current COVID 19 restrictions, the No of people able to attend is likely to be very limited, tbc.

 But Ged has already discussed with me an idea for something we could possibly do later this year (Jeff had apparently requested that his Ashes be scattered on the Railway, but this is tbc and would be subject to the required approvals).

 Jeff retired back in the spring of 2005 while we were still at Thales having completed 50 x years’ service as a Senior Technician, Cable Jointer, starting with BR at Bolton depot. Most of his career was then spent with the Telecoms Works Engineer team at Manchester (Cow Pen then Ardwick). Jeff then spent the last 10 x years of his service with my Cables Team based in Manchester / North West area when we reported into Adrian Moss, Jane Church and then Malcolm Wilkinson.


Please pass on this email to anyone else who worked with and knew Jeff, and Ged will keep us updated



 Mike Ankers,



Passing of another  colleague & funeral arrangements

Hi Clive,

Have hear from Peter Maddock’s daughter

That he passed away on Thursday 13th January 2020 after an Operation to correct a bowel problem.

The Funeral is on Friday 20th March at 13.00 hrs.

At  St. Ecgwins Church

Honeybourne, Evesham

WR11 7PP


The burial is not far from the church after the service.

The Wake is at   The Three Ways Hotel in Mickleton about 3 miles east of Honeybourne.

If there is anyone going to the funeral could they ring me on 01270 662522 before 11th March

So that I can let Peter’s daughter know so that they can be catered for at the Hotel.

Ron R.


Letter from Ven Wood on retiring

Firstly thank you to everyone that sent me Happy Retirement wishes and sorry if I missed saying goodbye to anyone.

27 years after starting as BR Waterloo station relief I have many happy memories. Starting at the switchboard working shifts and moving onto BR Croydon S&T telecoms where many good  friends where made,and are still seen several times a year though most are now retired or employed elsewhere, oh and I married one too.

BRT then Racal followed, soon to be replaced by Thales and onwards to Network Rail. It wasn't hard to decide to take my pension at 55, personal events made me realise that life can change overnight and shouldn't be taken for granted, also pondering how many hours I had spent on a train over my career where some years were 5 hours a day every day, also made me realise I had probably worked another half life in travelling.

I'll miss my colleagues even if they were scattered across the country, but I won't  miss belligerent reporting systems that have an agenda of their own, I've never like battling an inanimate object.

So life moves on to the allotment, days out, goat sitting and volunteering in the hospice gardens. We'll be out there come rain and sun.

I've been fortunate never to have to go to a job I hate, work with people I was scared of or didn't like, or be treated badly as a member of staff, but hey what's a pension for if not to take it xxx




Dear all

               I am very proud to advise that Darren, Laura and Paul all completed the 26 miles  of the Manchester marathon in just over four and a half hours. They had been planning it for over a year but did not tell me until the week before.

Stupid me thought that all the preparatory running and visits to the gym were just part of a natural life phase they were going through, which missed me out years' ago.

               They have raised over 4,000 pounds for the Parkinson Charity thanks in part to your generous contributions. I feel humbled by your benevolence and kind words. In the next couple of weeks l expect to go to the Newcastle hospital for Deep Brain Stimulation. I thought it sounded a bit orgasmic, but was advised to lower my expectations.

               Anyway l am good and hope you all are too. Again on behalf of the Parkinson Charity l thank you all for your generosity.

George Hay



Dear Clive,

Will you please circulate the funeral arrangements (confirmed by John's son David today):

The funeral will be at York on Thursday 23rd May in the afternoon-

Service at 2 pm St Columba's Church, Priory Street, York

Cremation at 3pm at York Crematorium

Refreshments at 3.45pm to 6.30pm at York Racecourse, Eclipse Suite

David confirms that all will be welcome.

I would be grateful if people attending will let me know so that I can pass on the numbers.

St Columba's Church, Priory Street, is a short walk from York Railway Station via Micklegate.

Contact me on 07789 120665 or trev1837@sky.com for further advice.

Many thanks Clive,  

Trevor Moore (York)



I have a friend who has a small SPT system which badly needs some care and attention. As it is in an old WR signal box it is a reasonable assumption that the system was Reading designed and built. Restoration is being held up by a lack of drawings of any sort.

Does anyone have any drawings that might help the process of getting this rack back in working order.

Please let me know if you can help?

Regards to all.    Mike Tyrrell



Dear Clive,

Will you please pass on the following message:

Sadly, John Broadbent passed away on Friday 10th May in St Leonard's Hospice York. He had been suffering from cancer for a long time.

John started his long railway service as an apprentice in York S&T Workshop. He moved into Work Study and then transferred to the Eastern Region Telecomms HQ at York.

I will pass on the funeral arrangements when I receive them from his family.

Many thanks,  Trevor Moore (York)



Dear all

        I am very proud to advise that Darren, Laura and Paul all completed the 26miles  of the Manchester marathon in

just over four and a half hours.

They had been planning it for over a year but did not tell me until the week before. Stupid me thought that all

the preparatory running and visits to the gym were just part of a natural life phase they were going through,

 which missed me out years' ago.

        They have raised over 4,000 pounds for the Parkinson Charity thanks in part to your generous contributions.

 I feel humbled by your benevolence and kind words. In the next couple of weeks l expect to go to the Newcastle hospital

for Deep Brain Stimulation. I thought it sounded a bit orgasmic, but was advised to lower my expectations.

        Anyway l am good and hope you all are too. Again on behalf of the Parkinson Charity l thank you all for your generosity.

George Hay



Hi Clive

I’ve just heard the sad news that Keith Mann passed away on Sunday 31st March at his home in Bristol following a diagnosis for stomach cancer over Christmas.  I’ll advise funeral details when I know them.


Steve Hurd



Update to details below for Jim Bolton

Funeral on 8th April at 11am. It's at the Chapel in York Cemetery  (near the barbican ) then on to Rufforth cemetery for the burial at 12-15 then a bit of food in local teashop in Rufforth.



Sadly in the early hours of Thursday 21st March, Jim Bolton formally of York depot and York S&T Training School passed away after a stroke.

No date for the funeral as yet. Information from his daughter, Sally

Nigel Macdonald



Hi Clive,

I spoke to Gwyneth, Alf’s Widow this evening and she has given me further details concerning the funeral. The Funeral Service will be at 11 a. m on the 14th February  at the Bishopthorpe Methodist Church. The Church is  at the junction of Sim Balk Lane and Main St. in Bishopthorpe. After the Service only  the family  will go to the Crematorium and the rest of the mourners will retire to the Marcia Pub on Main St. Bishopthorpe. Can you please put this info on the website.

All the Best,

John Ingham



Death of Alf Marshall

Hi Clive,

It is with sadness that I inform both retired and serving staff of  the death of Alf Marshall ex Project Engineer  from the York Telecomms. Office. Alf passed away on Friday night in York Hospice and Funeral arrangements will be announced later.


John Ingham



Windsor Richards, retired S&T (BR, BRT, RACAL, THALES) Cable Jointer South Wales. Died 29th December 2018.

 Funeral to be held at the BRIWNANT CHAPEL, Thornhill Crematorium, Thornhill Road, Cardiff at 11:15 on FRIDAY 25th JANUARY.



Merve Prowse Funeral and eulogy

It was a honour for a few of us the represent railway S&T at Mervs’ funeral today and attached is the eulogy.

Look for Alan Langer, Mick and Walter Green on the wedding photo.

Kind regards

Paul Darlington  CEng FIET FIRSE

Managing Editor IRSE News

( New gallery with pictures , eulogy and tributes on the galleries page )



Hi Clive

 Could you please publish the following.

“Merv Prowse. Technician at Shrewsbury, Stafford, Warrington; instructor at Crewe and Derby died from a stroke last week. His funeral will be on January 3 at 12.00 at St Thomas’ Church Hanwood Shrewsbury SY5 8LY, followed by cremation at Shrewsbury crematorium at 1.15. Everyone is invited back to the Cock Inn at Hanwood, or to stop there while the cremation service takes place.

Can you pass onto whoever you think may want to know. Please let me know if you wish to attend and I will let his sister know an idea of numbers.  She has also asked if any of his work colleagues would be pall bearers. I would, but following my stroke I’m at little unbalanced at times.

 Paul Darlington  editor@irsenews.co.uk




In case you have not already heard the very sad news, as below

 Dave Birchall retired in June 2017. Dave completed over 40 x years continuous service as a Cable Jointer in the Manchester area. Dave was originally with the BR Telecoms Works (TWE) team based at the Cow Pen, later at Ardwick depot in Manchester. Then transferring to Mtce around 1995 where he worked with my team when I was Cable Team Leader Manchester for over 10 x years through privatisation, working with Jeff Hackett over most of those years. Dave came back in house with us in 2009 and continued to work in the Manchester area with Steve Robinson’s team until he retired.


We will share with the Funeral arrangement details as soon as we receive them

 Regards  Mike


It is with great sadness to announce that Dave Birchall, one of the original Cow Pen team has passed away from a suspected heart attack. Our thoughts are with his family


Ged Noonan

Dave’s funeral will take place at Stockport Crem on Friday 30th Nov @ 13:45

It is the same day as the get together at Harker’s



Dear Members,

I regret, with sadness, I have to report the death of Arthur Turkington

who passed away on 20th October aged 76 years.

Arthur had suffered from Parkinson's disease for many years but had borne his illness bravely.

The funeral will take place on Thursday 8th November at 11.30 in the Oak Chapel (there are two Chapels I understand)

at the Crownhill Crematorium, Dansteed Way, Crownhill, Milton Keynes, MK8 0AH and afterwards at the

Windmill Golf Course, Tattenhoe Lane, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 7RB.

Arthur will be known to so many on the London Midland Region as the face of Personnel and Human Resources at Headquarters.

He was involved in the administration of so many re-organisations. He was a most amiable character and because of the nature

of his role he knew "us" better than we knew him. He was an ever present at the Fellowship until ill health

prevented his attendance.

For catering purposes Arthur's wife Doreen would like some idea of numbers attending from the Fellowship.

If you wish to attend please let Allen Kerr know on 0121 7078925 or 07784433639 or e-mail at


Yours sincerely,

Alan Fleet




(Sadly).  Are you aware that Robin Nunney passed away some time over the weekend???

Robin was formerly Head of Tech Support (Telecoms) for the Birmingham area.  Robin had worked the majority of his career on the West Coast Main Line.   





I’m sorry to have to let you all know that Dave Glover passed away at 06.45 this morning, losing his battle with cancer.

He will be sadly missed as an ex- colleague and a friend.

Steve Morecroft



Good Morning All,


As some of you may already know , Pete Chappell after many years of service (OVER 40!) has finally decided to retire.

 Pete would like to invite you all to join him for a few farewell drinks on Thursday 6th September 2018 at The Punch Bowl, Nunnery Lane, York from 6pm.

 Thank you,   Lindsey Nesbitt

Field Services,   Network Rail Telecom,   Group Digital Railways


lindsey.nesbitt@networkrail.co.uk www.networkrail.co.uk


Bill Knowles died last Wednesday 29th August 2018 from cancer.

Although he’s not on your list he was a long serving Supervisor at Euston Telecomms..


Bob Thurlow



Donations update

Good morning Clive,

Would it be possible for you to please share the link below with Dads former friends and colleagues via Telecom Info?


We thought Dad would prefer the idea of supporting the Injured Jockeys Fund in lieu of folk sending flowers or other contributions.

Many thanks,




Dear former colleagues, I wanted to let you know that following a short period of illness my Dad,

Stan Fletcher passed away on Sunday 3rd June, in Milton Keynes.

Together with my Sister Julie and our respective families we tried to make Dad as comfortable and as loved as we could,

 as he fought the good fight to resist the effects of dementia.

Fortunately I was able to be with Dad at the time of his passing and it was a blessing that he passed peacefully and without pain.

I would be most grateful if those of you who knew Dad could share this sad news

 with his former friends and colleagues in Manchester, Liverpool and Crewe.

Dad had many fond memories of his time in the S&T, and throughout these past few years as his dementia took hold,

when I or Julie talked about those days and mentioned colleagues like Ged Nooman, George Fisher,

 Jimmy Quigley, Brian Talbot, Alan Grimsditch, Mick McGovan and many others, it always made Dad happy.

From 14 years of age, Dad went on to give 49 years continuous service to the Railways,

 from StoreKeeper, to Fireman on Steam trains, to Telecom Technician.

We repeatedly showed him photos taken from his retirement party in Manchester and subsequent S&T reunions, and he loved to reminisce about those happy times working on the Railway with great people, always concluding with the comment “I’d go back to work there in a flash if I could”.

Many thanks,

Tony Fletcher.




Hi Clive,

I have just received a message from Julian Mew,

Nigel Holroyd passed away from cancer over the weekend. No other details at this time.

 Regards Dudley



Final Arrangements for Dave Lewis's Funeral.

I have had final confirmation from Gareth regarding the Funeral arrangements :

Date: Thursday 15th February 2018

Place: Llandaff Cathedral, Cathedral Cl, Cardiff CF5 2LA

Time: 14:00.

Then back to Llandaff Institute  10 High St, Cardiff CF5 2DZ

The No 25 bus from Westgate Street Cardiff takes you to Llandaff then a short walk to the Cathedral.

Nearest Railway Station is Waun-Gron Park and then a 15 min walk.

Kind regards  Derek Bell

Comment from Kevin Dancer:   Fairwater station is far closer, about 10 minute walk



Here is the latest information that Gareth has sent me this morning regarding Dave’s funeral.

Date: Thursday 15th February 2018

Place: Llandaff Cathedral, Cathedral Cl, Cardiff CF5 2LA

Time: To be confirmed in a further E Mail.

Then back to Llandaff Institute  10 High St, Cardiff CF5 2DZ

 Just one other thing there are 2 options at the cathedral one for 100 people then for 400 people

 So if you could find out who will be attending that would be a great help on whether we book for 100 or 400 people

Can you please send an E Mail to Gareth  Gareth145@sky.com if you are planning to attend.

Dave along with myself were the instigators of the S&T web site which Clive is still running today. Dave did all the web design and it is a fitting tribute that he is on the opening page www.telecominfo.co.uk  Every time you open this page up there he will be with that smiling face.

 Clive, Can you please circulate ASAP.

Kind regards




Sad news , the passing of Dave Lewis

I have just had a phone call from Dave’s son Gareth to say that Dave has just passed away this afternoon in hospital in Cardiff.

If you can circulate ASAP and when I have more details I will let you know.

Very sad day as Dave was a legend in his own right and I have a lot to thank him for during my railway career with him at both Newcastle and then London.

RIP Dave

Kind regards  Derek Bell



Here are the funeral arrangements for Mike Bayliss as per the previous E Mail.


Mike BAYLISS Darlington January 6, peacefully in hospital. Mike aged 84 years. Dearly loved husband of the late Betty, much loved dad to Stephen, dear father-in-law to Angie and a devoted grandad to Christopher. Funeral Monday January 22. Would friends kindly meet for service in Darlington Crematorium at 10.45am. Family flowers only please. Donations in lieu in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support may be given at the crematorium.

Kind regards

Derek Bell



Sad news regarding  Mike Bayliss

Sadly I have been informed by Stephen (Mike’s son) that Mike passed away peacefully aged 84 last night.

I first knew Mike whilst both attending Teesside Polytechnic in the early 1970’s.

He was at that time serving at Catterick  in the 8th Royal Signals Regiment as a Foreman of Signals (WO2).

He had been in the army from being a boy cadet.

He was from a military family and his early schooling was in India where his parents were stationed.

He did indeed return to his old school in India for a reunion with old pupils etc. a few years ago.

Aged 40 he left the army and living in Darlington he joined the C.S.T.E. (Telecoms) Dept. D 401 Hudson House York.

He worked in several sections including the Radio Section before moving to the D.S.T.E.(Telecoms) Forth Banks, Newcastle.

After a reorg and privatisation etc. he returned to York working for Global Crossing at Hudson House.

I will pass on funeral details etc. when available


Arthur Milburn



Anybody who knew Wes Dodds aged 97 years from York his funeral is on Thursday 11th Jan @12:20 York Crematorium. He actually started me on the railway in 1971.

Kind regards

Derek Bell



A message from Ged

Chester Telecom Dec  17

"It was 60 years ago today.."

Bifocal or varifocal?  Who said the decisions get easier the older you get? It's tough trying to work out if there is only one or two six o’clock in the day. Thankfully no-one decided to get their epi pen out to show who had the bigger one, but the guffaws were plentiful

Of course people dropped in at different times and then moved on, though some have changed their tune a bit.   Mr. Hackett has moved on from saying for the last 20 years that "I've not got long left" to "This is my last time" with a huge, ironic smile on his face. He loves to finish on a positive note. See you next year then Jeff?

David Attenborough dived deep to investigate the blue planet but I would like to assure people that Paul Royce is alive and well.

 So the crowd have swelled and it transpires that at least one person has asked to be included on the invitation. Obviously the rumours about having to be over 40 years of age are unfounded. Based in truth maybe but our thoughts go to those who could not make it, yet will still be asked about including Messrs. Arthurs, Hammond, McGovern, Buck, Maddocks etc.

After close on 20 years of mithering the young and trendy in the lovely Harkers, we are now allowed to reserve our own table. Ok so it is 500 yards down the road but it is the thought that counts isn't it?

 For Jimmy Quigley it was a time to dig out one of the old DS&TE ties in order to mark the 60th anniversary of his joining BR as it was

So onto the big question. During December a lot of people have things going on and conflicts arise, so a proposal has been made, by myself, about making this get together occur on the last weekend of NOVEMBER in order to avoid the inevitable conflicts that people will have.

Strange but most of, not all, the retirees have said "I’m not working so it doesn't matter, just announce the date".  What is your opinion?

Ged Noonan CEng, MIET, BSc |

Asset Engineer | Network Rail Telecoms





Just a quick message to inform anyone who knew Malcolm Austin, who was telecoms supervisor at Worcester and Gloucester, has passed away. I worked with him in the same office for years and he took over from my dad at Worcester many years ago. Some might remember him. Funeral at Worcester crem 14 Dec at 1215.

Regards Geoff



With regret I have to report the passing of two more of our colleagues.

27 Nov 2017 Gordon W Smith  age 74 he worked at Doncaster and Retford Telecomms and.

Mid November Adrian Askham age 53 who worked at Sheffield and Doncaster telecoms, and also at

Doncaster, Birmingham and Manchester  fault controls.

Regards Ray Guy



It is with sadness that I have to Inform all friends and workmates of Dennis Lister who don't already know that today the 27th sept 2017  I attended the cremation service for Dennis after his tragic death earlier this month.

Dennis who was 79 started his railway career in signalling at Grimsby but transferred to become the Technician Officer Telecomms at Scunthorpe.

The amount of attendees at the crematorium today indicated the respect that people had for Dennis, and a thanks to all workmates who attended.

Regards Ray Guy


Hi All

Sad news:  Gilbert Fox.

Gilbert Fox was TO in York Exchange in the 70's and early 80's. Before that he was lineman in York Signalbox.

Graham Fox his son was also in the Telecoms at York for most of his career before retirement a couple of years ago.




Hi All


After recent sad times it’s time to all get together for a right good jolly up!


This year it’s at the same place Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street Station on Friday 1st December.


The meet times are from 15:00 onwards, I shall be meeting a few people early and hopefully the rest can be there by 17:00 / 18:00?


So book the date and join in with some good pre-Christmas cheer and raise a glass to friends past and present!


Please let me know if you are coming and please pass on to others not on this email list.






Alan Moreton

CIS Services Ltd



SAD NEWS: Colin Andrews


Hi everyone.

It is with great sadness that I have to pass on the news that our ex colleague Col Andrews died on

Tuesday the 1st August at the age of 74. His funeral will take place at the York crematorium on Friday 18th August at 13:40 hrs.

I have known Colin since the day I started on BR as he was a Probationer in the trainee’s gang on York District, he went into Telecoms where as I followed the Signalling route. Colin was also a keen York City supporter.

The news was in yesterday’s Press.

Please forward on this e-mail to anyone that I have missed or knew him.


Regards Rod Price

Colin worked in York Exchange in the 70’s & 80’s and then moved to D401 Hudson House.


Kind Regards





Merv Prowse (Ex technician Shrewsbury, Stafford, TO at Warrington and telecoms instructor at Crewe / Derby) experienced a heart attack on Friday 26th May which resulted in a triple bypass operation on Friday 2nd June. The good news is that the operation has gone very well and Merv is already out of intensive care and is already sitting up in a normal ward.

From Paul Darlington



Hi All

Dave Murtagh of the Reading cables section sadly passed away due to a sudden heart attack on 13th May.

Details of Dave's funeral below.




Dave’s funeral will be held on the 2nd June  at 10.45 at Henley road crematorium and then after at the British legion downing road Tilehurst reading, having spoken to  Dave’s brothers they would like to invite all Dave’s friends and are hoping for a great turn out for a great bloke. Please can you forward this on to anyone you believe would like to attend Dave’s final farewell


Reading Crematorium is in Henley Road Cemetery grounds.

The crematorium is on All Hallows Road - off of the A4155 Henley Road - in Caversham, RG4 5LP

There are three car parks in the cemetery.


Tilehurst British Legion Club, Downing Road, Tilehurst, Reading Berkshire RG31 5BB, UK





Helen, Frank’s daughter has asked me to pass this on to anybody wishing to attend Franks Funeral


Celebration on Life Service, Monday June 5th, 11:15  at Christ Church, Nailsea , followed by a ‘Knees up’ at the Mizzymead Recreation centre and Social club


Family flowers only please but donations if desired for ‘The Salvation Army’ may be sent c/o

Arthur E Davey & Sons,82 Silver Street, Nailsea


Please feel free to pass this on to anybody I’ve missed off the list as I’m not in contact with all of the retired section

and various others who have left for pastures greener over the years.




Sad news regarding our old Bristol TMA.




Date: 9 May 2017 at 10:53:51 CEST

Subject: Re: Frank Green: Sad News

Poor old Frank - he was 83 in Feb I think, so had 23yrs of retirement, nearly double the acturial assumption!  

Frank was a native of Ross on Wye, and initially joined the former GPO Telephones in Ross.    After Army National Service, during which he worked a lot with but not part of, The Black Watch (whom he called the Women from Hell on account of their blood curdling charges), he returned to Ross. He said he then found Ross too small and parochial a place so decided to move to Gloucester having secured a post in the S&T. I think he moved to Bristol in the late 1960s initially on installation for the MAS scheme, and then became the 'subby' to Fred Yeo in the 1971 re-org, succeeding Fred on his retirement in the late '70s.

During my time as a trainee at Gloucester, he used to appear with his 'box' to locate cable faults in the 54pr composites - and he was usually pretty accurate.  Never found he was too willing to explain how he worked it out tho'!

Never a man to dodge an argument or confrontation, Technology eventually overtook him with electronic exchanges, and he seemed then to take even more pride in the cables. Once I recall him scratching/banging his head over the value on a pair on the 54pr BY-WSM.   He said it was down to 20meg - so I enquired as to whether that was over the 2 miles to West Depot - no, he retorted that was all the way to WSM. Good job he didn't have to deal with the signalling cables - we'd have been proud of 20meg for a mile! The final straw for Frank was when the Cabling was taken away from the TMAs and put under the new Cables Engineer - Chris himself I recall.

Regards  JJ



Not sure if you may already know as I heard today from Myles that Frank Green passed away on Sunday night in his sleep. I believe he was 83 years of age.


Can you please pass this on to anyone who I may have missed.


Once I know details of the funeral I’ll pass this on.


Regards Chris



Chris Neal | National Telecoms Asset & Performance Manager (SW&W) | Network Rail Telecoms | Digital Railway

Temple Point | Redcliff Way | Bristol  BS1 6NL

Office: int 085 80323 ext +44 (0)117 3720305

Mobile: +44 (0)7771 672 629




A coach has been organised as detailed below

Pick up from: Prittlewell Station at 13:30 (pick up point top of station approach at the junction with East Street) to Southend Crematorium.

                      Coach will leave after the arrival of the 12.35 from London Liverpool street which arrives at Prittlewell at 13.30hrs

        Coach will leave Crematorium around 3.30 to Rochford hundred golf club

                      The golf club is only 0.3 miles from Rochford station, therefore no coach after wake

A collection for the cost of the coach will need to happen en route

Funeral of Pete & Jenny Maisey

Wednesday 12th April 2017 at 2pm

Southend Crematorium,

Sutton Road,




Family flowers only

Collection on the day for Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation


Followed by a wake at

Rochford Hundred Golf Club

Hall Road




Regards  Steve Smith    07990541653



Hi Clive, Can you please circulate

Funeral of Pete & Jenny Maisey

Wednesday 12th April 2017 at 2pm

Southend Crematorium,

Sutton Road,



Family flowers only

Collection on the day for Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation

Followed by a wake at

Rochford Hundred Golf Club

Hall Road




Please E mail    steve21smith@aol.com  if you are attending the wake in order to ensure some idea of the numbers is known


Steve Smith   07990541653



Hi Derek,

It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform people of the passing of both Pete & Jenny Maisey

Pete passed away on the 17th February after a very short illness. Pete worked as a contractor on the railway for many years in both East Anglia and Eastern Regions.

Jenny passed away suddenly on the 8th March. Jenny worked in the rail industry, primarily at 50 Liverpool St, she was also out and about carrying out Health & Safety audits within Anglia Region until her retirement.

Both will be missed

The will be a joint funeral, details of which I will forward when known


 Steve Smith



Hi Clive


Will you please pass on these sad details to the Railway community.


During the early hours of Sunday morning Steve Ridgeon died at home in Haxby, York.  The funeral details are not yet known but Sheila has requested a family and close friends funeral.


Best wishes Peter Rowell



Ipswich Telecoms Works get together

A get together has been arranged for Saturday 18th Feb at 7pm, the venue is the Hungry Horse, Claydon nr  Ipswich.

  Would be great to see anybody from the days of BR, Racal and Thales and maybe even Network Rail!

Richard Frost



Derek, Clive,

Many on the T side will also have known Fred Kerr,

Kind regards,  Andrew P. Jones

Fred Kerr


I have received the following sad news about Fred Kerr.    I will let

you have details of the celebration of Fred’s life when they become known.

Our thoughts are with Simon and Andrew and their families on the loss of

their father and our friend.

Sincerely, Doug Walters

Fred Kerr

Andrew and I are very sad to say that our father Fred Kerr passed from

this world at 05:00 this morning December 28th. He had a short but rapid

decline over the last few weeks following his cancer diagnosis in June

this year. Andy and I are currently in the UK and have been with Dad

over the last few weeks, but shall be returning to Canada shortly. It is

our intention to return to Crewe with our families in the coming months

for a celebration of Fred's life. We shall be forwarding details of this

gathering in due course when we have had time to make all the necessary

arrangements for our travel plans and Fred's farewell.


Simon & Andrew Kerr



Brian Matthews

Just learnt that Brian passed away last Saturday after a short illness.

Brian was a Telecom. Installer at Derby and worked with myself and George Fisher in the East Midlands.

I believe the funeral will be on December 9th at the Bramcote Crematorium Nottingham at 11.15

Can you pass this on to Derek Bell please.

See you next week Brian

Carol  Roberts





Paul Royce one of our longest serving Senior Technicians at Manchester has decided to call it a draw and retire after 44 x years continuous service with British Rail, BRT, Racal, Thales and back in house with Network Rail since 2009. Paul has worked mainly in Telecoms maintenance in the Manchester area with spells in Technical Support, Radio Engineer, deputy Supervisor and  SINCs engineer roles along the way.


As per the details below you are welcome to join us for the celebrations in Manchester on Friday 28th October at the Waldorf pub, function room, near Mcr Picc Stn.


If you would like to sign a card and contribute to a collection for Paul, please see / contact Steve Robinson (07899 934328)


Please forward on this email to anyone who knows Paul and who may wish to attend (Ged, please can you do the honours re retired Railway staff contacts)


Regards,  Mike Ankers



Norman Henderson

1945 - 2016

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Norman Henderson passed away peacefully this morning at 05:10 in Keswick, we have lost another of the great railway characters.

Norman had been battling cancer over the past couple of years but was given the news that it was terminal a couple of months ago.

He was a highly respected engineer, mentor and great colleague who had many great sayings and always enjoyed a laugh with everyone.

Norman worked in York in D401, The African Village, York Exchange and Intercity in BR days.

Come privatisation in 1994 Norman went to Railtrack LNE with Andy Nattrass and Ian Scott. He retired from Railtrack in 1999.

He moved from York to Ambleside where both he and Carol bought a Bed & Breakfast which they ran until February this year.

They both moved to Keswick to the bungalow which they bought a few years ago.

Here are the funeral arrangements which will be held on Monday 24th October 2016:

11:00 AM

Carlisle Crematorium,  Dalston Road, Carlisle. CA2 6AR

This will be followed by a celebration of Normans life at 12:30 :

Parish Church Of Keswick St John, St John's Street, Keswick.  CA12 4DD

This will be followed by a Funeral Tea in Keswick.

If you will be attending Carol has asked if you could send her an E Mail to c.hend1@btinternet.com<mailto:c.hend1@btinternet.com> so that she has some idea how many to cater for.

Family Flowers only.

Or thoughts are with his family at this time.

Derek Bell     Friend and colleague.



Malcolm Wilkinson Retirement Do

The Slug And Lettuce, 1-1A Low Ousegate, York Riverside YO1 9QU (To Start).

10 November 2016 16:00-23:00

Good Afternoon All,

As you may know Malcolm Wilkinson is retiring. He has been working for the Railway since 1977 on Friday 18th November.

Colleagues and friends who would be like to be part of the send-off for Malcolm are more than welcome to meet up at the slug and lettuce in York on Thursday 10th November from 16:00.

However we are also having an afternoon of celebrations in Newcastle on Saturday 26th November – however if you would like to attend this one please could you let me know so I can get the arrangements to you


Ged Noonan CEng, MIET, BSc |



Update for Caroline Nelson funeral arrangements

Hi Paul,


Trevor has confirmed details as follows for Caroline’s funeral. Please could you let all in Network Rail who knew her know? They are all welcome. I have put it on the Railway Telecoms page on Facebook as well so hopefully between us all we can include everyone


Wednesday 19th October 2016, 1545 at Seven Hills Crematorium, Felixstowe Road, Nacton, Suffolk, IP10 0FG. Service will last approximately 20 minutes

Family flowers only with any donations being made to St Elizabeth Hospice or MacMillan Cancer Support through the Funeral Directors (Southgate & Roberts Funeral Directors, 18-20 St Matthew’s Street, Ipswich, IP1 3EU www.southgateandroberts.com) In the coming few days information will be displayed on their website where donations can be made, please make sure donations are made this way and not directly to the charities


Followed by a gathering to remember Caroline at Belstead Brook Hotel, Belstead Road, Ipswich IP2 9HB commencing at around 1630-1700.

Kind Regards


07725 688412





It is with sadness that I have to tell you Caroline Nelson sadly passed away this morning.


For those that don’t know, she was diagnosed with cancer around November/December last year, and was doing quite well at the beginning of this year, well enough to enjoy her wedding in April. The treatment was having no affect and was stopped last weekend.  Unfortunately she succumb to it and leaves her husband Trevor whom most of will know as our delivery driver during the Camelot project with Thales.


Kind regards


Paul Dersley - Stores Controller,

Network Rail, Ipswich Depot,

Hadleigh Road, Ipswich. IP2 0AT



Gentlemen, our next bi-annual  get-together to remember the days of the CDC will be in the:

METROPOLITAN BAR  (a Wetherspoons pub )   7, Station Approach, Marylebone Road, Marylebone, NW1 5LA,

(That's in the Baker Street LTE Station building)

Meet and greet at 12:00 Hours on THURSDAY 20th October 2016

I do hope a few of you will come along and meet up for a jolly chat, or two.

Please let me know if you are coming as I may then be able to reserve a table.

I look forward seeing lots of you for another in our series of enjoyable afternoon gatherings.

Dave Ransom



Subject: sunset time


My friends,

As some of you know, next week it will be 42 years since I joined our railway family.

How time flies; it does not seem like 42 years since I first travelled from Morecambe and walked into the offices at Ladywell House in Preston and got taken over to meet the lads in the old Dock Street depot.


There are a couple of you who remember those times of the combined gang, the locking fitters, the installers, the stores and the New Works guys around the back.

The S&T was not my first choice of a job on the railways, I had applied to be a signaller, but fate must have played a hand because following an interview in London I was taken on as an apprentice in the S&T department.

As an apprentice you had to do a year at college, then you moved about around the various functions. The gang with Budgie, The installers with Big John, Blackpool lineman with Chiefy, Kirkham lineman with Cyril & Yogi. Plans had been put in place for me to slot into the Skipton linemans job but getting married and moving to Blackpool changed that.


So the power box became my home, the likes of Pot Black, Strot, Riggers and of course the famous Big Zed, Wobbly Bob and Gary Howlett all making for an interesting time. I was a member of the team with Big Zed, that was affectionately known as the pilot lights because we never went out; but somehow the work got done with the mantra – morning for the company, afternoon for thee sen. Just when I became known as Bazil or Baz for short is now lost in the mists of time but the nick name has stood.

After a re-org, the bane of everyone on the railways. I was stuck in the dead man shoes situation and with privatisation on the horizon and opportunity to jump ship, a change from signalling to telecoms was taken.


Ladywell House exchange was the next home; you had to feel sorry for the pure telecoms lads because at that time they became overrun with ex signalling chaps. But Steve Lester, ( Uncle Fester) soon had us all in shape. The change from numbered wires to coloured wires was taken in our stride. A stab at staff rep and then Branch Secretary of the union all added to the mix of things.

BRT, Racal and the Thales followed, we still had the railway work but exotic locations like Lancaster Prison, Farley’s Rusk Factory at Kendal, the Heinz baked bean factory at Wigan and Wigan hospital spiced things up.

Following yet another re-org, the thing everyone dreads happened, Thales made me redundant. What do you do when all you have known is the railway industry, well you make the calls and history repeated itself, the signalling side took me back! It’s true you don’t forget and the signalling knowledge came flooding back.


Back home at the powerbox and a supervisor’s positon became available. Maybe I was a bit naïve but I thought it would be a job in which you could get out and look after the lads and show them how things should be done. Alas that was not to be the case and although the good times have out done the bad times, the last few years have been difficult, just how many spread sheets and plans do we really need! Some particular stressful events took their toll and I had to take time off, this came as a shock because in over 35 years I had not had more than a couple of days off sick. If it had not been for the help of our little band in the office; Bateo & now Barry, Jenifer, Ann, Claire then Val and the two young uns of Daniel & Tom, things could have ended rather badly.


So with a rather heavy heart the time has come to hang up the meter and head off to pastures new. Tuesday 20th September will be my last day in the office.


If over the years you have not liked being called a half-wit or numpty; I’m sorry but they have been meant as terms of endearment!!

Whoever gets my job; look after the place, remember that the trains ran a long time before we came and they will run a long time after. Everyone is an expert with the benefit of hindsight and all the spread sheets; graphs; glide paths and plans will not make any difference because when a fault happens the railway comes first and everyone mucks in and gets it fixed as quickly as possible.


Burtons has been saved, I will not after all have to show my ar*e in Burtons window because I have beaten electrification to Blackpool.

I know the S&T book of excuses is in safe hands so thanks my friends and Good luck!

It’s been good to know you all.


Yours affectionately,

Baz ( Mike Brookes )



Mike Brookes.

Section Supervisor ( Signalling ).

Preston PSB,



 From Shen Remzi to all on the Telecominfo website

Shen Remzi on Sep 14 at 4:53 PM: Hey Derek, Hope your well sir..Some bad

news to share. Unfortunately Dave Maidman passed away early I've

learnt. I've managed to find out these details for anyone that wants to attend.

Its an open funeral. Friday 23rd, Sept, 2pm, Charing Crematorium,

New court wood, Charing, Ashford, Kent, TN27 0EB. Please pass on…

Best  wishes, Shen



Peter Sutton funeral update

Dear all,

Just a quick update, the details for the funeral of Peter Sutton are:


Friday 16/09/16 at 12:00 – St George’s Catholic Church, WalmGate, York. The wake will be at York Racecourse.

Sooty requested everyone wear ALL BLACK



Subject: Peter Sutton

Dear all,

I am sad to let you know that Pete passed away very peacefully a short while ago at St Leonard's Hospice.

We had a great weekend with him especially at York Races yesterday. His partner Natalie said before she left him in the hospice last night that he wished yesterday would never end. He never woke up today so in a way his wish was granted. An amazing character and a very sad loss.

Please can you pass on to all that new him.


Fraser Allan




The passing of another colleague

From: Richard Reisch

I spoke with Keith Annakin's wife, Lynn, late Sunday evening.

Lynn told me that Keith passed away aged 72 years on Thursday 18th August after being poorly for 10 weeks in St. James's Hospital (Jimmy's), Leeds.

Lynn asked me to circulate details of Keith's funeral.

It will be held on Tuesday 30th August at 15:00hrs at the Rawdon Crematorium, Leeds Rd, Rawdon, Leeds LS19 6JP.

All welcome.





The passing of another colleague

It is with great regret that I have to advise the death of Tom O’Malley last Thursday

following a short period after being diagnosed with cancer.


The funeral is at

10:00 - St Annes – Winlaton

Thursday 30th June 2016

O' MALLEY TERENCE LESLIE (Winlaton). Peacefully in St Oswald's Hospice on 16th June 2016, Aged 69 years, Terry loving and devoted husband of Anne, devoted dad to Mark and Claire, father- in- law to Sean and much loved grandad to Benedicte, Wyn and Soren, loved brother to Jim, Marie and Pauline, and a loving brother- in- Law, Would friends please meet for Requiem Mass at St Anne's R.C Church, Winlaton on Thursday 30th June at 10.00am, followed by cremation at Mountsett Crematorium, Dipton, Family flowers only please, a retiring collection will take place at the end of Mass in aid of St Oswald's Hospice


Could you please forward to the group



Adrian Moss

Route Asset Manager LNE (Signalling),  Network Rail

George Stephenson House 3b Desk 116

Toft Green, York


Tel: Internal: 085-33378 external: 01904 383378

Mobile: 07771827609

Email: adrian.moss@networkrail.co.uk


May 2016

Please join me for food and drink to celebrate my retirement after 35 years working for British Rail, Racal and Thales in York, Leeds and Newcastle, culminating in 7 years in Manchester working for the MPT consortium delivering the excellent Manchester Metrolink Phase 3 Design, Construction and Maintain Project.


Two options, Manchester on Thurs 19th May and York on Fri 27th May:


Britons Protection, 50 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, M1 5LE

Britons Protection was close to St Peter’s Fields before they became the site of Manchester Central Station (now conference centre) and posh hotels. The pub claims to have been a rallying point for people protesting against rotten boroughs and demanding universal suffrage in 1819 – leading to the Peterloo Massacre when hussars slashed at the crowd with sabres. Come and see the mural depicting the scene in the pub.


The pub is close to Deansgate-Castlefield Stop on Metrolink, and to Deansgate Station on National Rail.


We will be in the upstairs room from 17:00 and food will be laid out at about 18:30. If you prefer a vegetarian option, or any have any dietary constraint, let me know and I’ll inform the pub.


York Brewery Tap Room, 12 Toft Green, York, YO1 6JT

York Brewery was established in 1996 to brew real ale inside the city walls, maybe preparing for the next siege, once God’s own country of Yorkshire declares independence! It describes itself as a stone’s throw from Micklegate Bar, the historic royal entrance to York, but a traitor’s head throw would be more apt.


The brewery is on Toft Green, just opposite the first floor exit of Hudson House. From the station bear right and cross the road using the crossing as if going to Hudson House/George Stephenson House, but turn right along Queen Street, then left through Micklegate Bar and left again into Toft Green. The brewery is on the right, once round the bend.  The Tap Room is through the smaller door marked ENTRANCE and up the first, internal, stairs round past the squares and vats of beer. We are in the far end, possibly discreetly curtained off.


We will be in the Tap Room from 16:00 and food will be laid out at about 18:00. Ditto for dietary constraints.



After retirement, on 19th June, I will be on the same mobile number, below, and my household e-mail address is smoldridge@supanet.com.


I look forward to seeing you,


Steve Oldridge

MPT System Design Authority (E&M), MM 3




Just to let you know that my friend and colleague Pat Verdult passed away peacefully  on Tuesday 16 March 2016.

Pat worked as a Technical Officer at Waterloo Tele Exchange for many years , then promoted to

Maintainance Supervisor,finally retiring as Schemes Engineer at Wimbledon.

My Condolences to Pats wife Rosanne and his family.

Many thanks. Derek Kirkby.

Pats Funeral will take place on:

Friday 11th March 2016 ---13:15 Hrs.

Medway Crematorium

Robin Hood Lane

Chatham. Kent

ME5 9QU.



The passing of another colleague

It is with deepest sorrow that I have to inform you of the death of our good friend and colleague, Steve Lester.


He sadly lost his brave fight with cancer on Saturday at St Catherine's Hospice, Preston.


There will be a funeral service starting at 15:15 this Friday 19th February at Preston Crematorium followed by a gathering at the Fleece Inn Penwortham at 16:30.


Please can you pass this information to anyone who knew Steve.


Many Thanks

 Stuart Campbell

Senior Projects Engineer (Telecoms),  Infrastructure Projects Signalling

The Mailbox,    Birmingham



The passing of another colleague

Mike Kilbride has died and his funeral was  Friday  29th January 2016 at 1345 Darlington Crem on Carmel Road North Darlington.



The Passing of William (Bill) Hall and funeral arrangements

Hi All

I have been informed of the sad loss of a former Workmate and friend WILLIAM  HALL or Bill as he was commonly known.

Bill passed away on the 29th after a long illness aged 85.

After being in Signalling at Leeds bill move into telecoms at Doncaster, firstly on the technical side and then the offices via a supervisors post.

Bill Halls Funeral is on January 18th 13.00 at Lawnswood crematorium, Pass the word round lets try to give Bill a good send off.

Regards Ray Guy.



Request letter from Chris Durrant

“For those who wouldn't know me, my name is Chris Durrant and I started with the S&T Dept at Brighton in 1972.  I worked up & down the Brighton line until 1985 when I moved across to the Dartford area before transferring across to the newly formed Swanley Major Works in the early 1990's.  I then continued through the privatisation years before taking early retirement in 2009.

I am in the very early stages of compiling a book based on the southern half of the Brighton Line (Coulsdon North to Brighton via both the 'Quarry' & Redhill lines) based on the period immediately prior to the 1932 electrification & re-signalling through to the Three Bridges PSB era of around 1985.  I'm hoping to find a photograph of every signal box that existed prior to 1932 (quite a task when you think of the amount of intermediate signal boxes that existed back then, four alone on the Quarry line between Coulsdon and Earlswood for example) plus photo's of general layouts, stations, signal boxes - anything really between those two dates!

My reason for putting this out to you all was a conversation I had with Ron Razzell at Sylvia's Brighton Line dinner last Friday when Ron mentioned that his father was a lineman during that re-signalling and had taken a few photo's which he had somewhere and it occurred to me that there may be many more of you out there in a similar situation with photographs you may have taken yourselves or inherited from others.  I carried a camera around with me through the 70's & 80's when I was at Haywards Heath and Three Bridges and was always badgering signalmen to seek out photographs they may have had & some gems came out of that.  I've explored the usual archives with the Kidderminster Railway Museum archivist being extremely helpful, Lens of Sutton, NRM, etc but, of course, a lot of photographs of this ilk have been published before whereas there must be so many more that have never seen the light of day.  

If anyone can help I can be contacted at chrisdurrant21@btinternet.com or 01622-871658.  It goes without saying that if any photographs could be loaned in this way then they would be treated with the utmost of care, handled and scanned only by me & returned.  As and when I get to any publishing stage then any photographs that I used would of course be fully credited to the donor.

Many thanks and really look forward to hearing from you,





Hi Everyone,

I am once again the bearer of sad news.  Les Heard passed away last week after a long battle with cancer.

He was well known on the Southern, and beyond, especially to those of you involved in Level Crossing Orders.


His funeral will take place at 1400 on Thursday November 12th at Christ Church, Grafton Road, Worthing.


I have no further details at present.

As I shall be away for a week from now, I shan’t be able to forward any more details.



Chester Boyd





I received a text from Pete Sutton (Sooty) this week with very good news and also asking for some help from all of us if we can assist as below.


Hi Derek,

it's sooty, unfortunately I'm having to leave NR on the 30th of this month due to ill health,  it's just getting to much to do both full time, might do some part time stuff but we shall see, anyway NR have actually honoured my old red book terms so I'm a happy bunny, I will be having a do in November and just putting the final numbers/venue together, the reason for my text is NR what to do piece on me for the rail papers and I need some old pictures of us, exchange, gangs etc etc, we intend to out them together and have a good news story about how York  and the staff have progressed and still today are linked by love for rail telecoms, Gerry England was amazed how we are all still linked even though we work in different companies.


I attach the front page picture that was taken at Graham Foxes leaving do.


So please have a look through your archives to see if you have any pictures that are NOT in these galleries http://www.telecominfo.co.uk/galleries.html that we can send to Pete for inclusion in the Rail press.


If you can send me any photo’s that you have and all new photo’s I will send to Clive Patterson for inclusion on the web site.


Please forward this E Mail on to anybody I have not included who could help.


Kind regards

                                                  Derek Bell             




Annual S&T re-union 2015

This year the re-union will be held on Friday 4th December at Tyseley & District Working Men’s Club, 573 Warwick Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2EX.

The change in venue has become necessary as the Tyseley Railway Club could not guarantee being available to us.

This afternoon myself, Paul Kettle and Colin Forbes met with the Working Men’s Club (WMC) Steward, and Committee, which included looking at the facilities available, and discussing our requirements. We are pleased to say that we have booked the Function Room, and ordered a Buffet, plus agreed on the provision of a Free Bar for part of the afternoon. The Function Room will be available between 12:00pm - 4:00pm, but the Club has said that their Lounge will then be made available to anyone who wishes to stay longer.

The WMC is in close proximity to the Railway Club, being a further 150m towards the City from Tyseley Railway Station. Therefore transport should be similar to previous years, with trains to Tyseley every 30 minutes. The club has a small car park for those wishing to drive (barrier controlled).

I will be e-mailing details to Works & Private e-mail addresses later this evening to let those not on facebook know, but please feel free to spread the word - we would rather someone gets told twice rather than not at all.

 The above was posted on our facebook page earlier this evening.  We were very satisfied with the facilities at Tyseley WMC, and also by the welcome given to us by the staff, below are some questions we asked during the meeting with relevant comments;

Function Room – This is upstairs and is available for our exclusive use as required.  There is a flight of stairs or a lift for those who need it to get to the 1st floor.  It has 2 bars, a stage area, outside covered veranda / seating for smokers.

Free Bar – The Steward is happy to provide us with a free bar (12:00 – 2:00).  No real Ale but there is a good selection of draught and bottled beers available.

Times – Members can gain entry from 12:00pm.

Can members stay later? – The Steward is happy for any member to stay after our function has finished, and they will be allowed to use the downstairs lounge (club is open all day).

Buffet – Buffet provided.

Entry to Club premises? – The Club may have the Car Park Barrier permanently raised (space for 25 cars), otherwise buzzer is to be used for entry to Car Park and Club.

Directions to WMC – A map is attached showing the route from Tyseley Station.  Please encourage people to pass on the venue change by word of mouth in addition to this invite.

Trains to Tyseley –         Birmingham SH dep       11:37     12:07     12:37     13:07     13:37

                                    Birmingham MS dep       11:39     12:09     12:39     13:09     13:39

                                    Tyseley arr                    11:46     12:16     12:46     13:16     13:46


Any questions please get in touch!   Regards  Paul Alan Thompson


West Midlands S&T Society   

Walking Route click to enlarge




I realise this is short notice but please can you send out the following message to your distribution list. I hope that people are already aware of this as it was sent out some time ago, via Gavin Silvey.

Western Tower in Reading is currently getting demolished, the podium has gone and it is now being knocked down a floor at a time.

We are having a Western Tower Wake  on Friday 4th September at the Back of Beyond in Reading.

We welcome everyone who has worked, visited, slept or spent time there. We hope for a good turnout.

Pop in at any time between 2 and 7pm.


Crewites get together June 2015

Three signs to show when you are getting old


The assistant at B&Q asks you for your over 60's discount card

The NHS “invites” you for a free bowel cancer screwing

You witness equipment that you helped install becoming scrap

At least we’re in the good company of a fine set or people, namely the retired (& current) telecom staff.

Some have taken to using their free time to swim 60 lengths a week at the baths, all on the same days as well, whilst others occupy their time with travel, or catching up with the latest episode of “Judge Rinder”.  Kyle is so yesterday


Those wishing to travel may find the getting medical insurance not so easy.  One company asks a series of 5 questions and yes to anyone one prevents a policy being taken out.  George answered yes to all 5 so while his wife tours the globe, he has to twitch in the UK.  And the 3 Pigeons has closed!


Whilst the body may wear out, the wit is razor sharp. An supposed positive comment can be returned with a withering response such as “If you think I look well now, then I must have looked c*** before”


Even Geoff “I’ve not got much time left” Hackett was looking well tanned and relaxed.


Alan G sends his apologies and the reason for his first absence in 10 years was due to looking after his 103-year-old mum, whilst Bob Wilson was kindly keeping his cold symptoms to himself.  Stan W is overcoming the hurdles of ageing, one at a time.


So till the first Fri in Dec, when hopefully we’ll see you at Harkers.   Remember to bring your passport next time Don (P).

Ged Noonan CEng, MIET, BSc |

Renewal & Enhancement Eng | Network Rail Telecoms



Arthur Smithson RIP


Unfortunately just heard from John Howlett, another colleague Arthur Smithson the S&T(painter) Ipswich, has passed away.

John has funeral details if anyone requires.



Andy Sills




Joanne Wilde  RIP

Just heard that a young woman, formerly known as Joanne Wilde has died of Cancer. She worked for me for a number years. She got married to a guy who worked for S&T. Surname I think was Tweedhope? Joanne worked in a number of jobs for BRT, Racal, Global Crossing etc. Sorry haven't got any better information. She did a lot of Auditing of ISO 9000 on behalf of BRT, Racal and Global Crossing. She was the scourge of certain Directors.


Don Glenn



George Hoggar RIP

Sadly George has passed away at the grand old age of 86.

The funeral is at Saint Mary's the Virgin church, Buckhorns Lane, Belstead  village on 20/05/2015 at 11:45.

please do not confuse with Saint Mary's, Belstead road.

Peter Garnham



For those I have not contacted before, apologies but I have the sad news that Kenny Bainbridge died Thursday 23rd April 2015 from his heart problems.

I’m hoping I have now informed everyone who knew him but please pass this on if there is anyone I have missed.

(Ged and Brian Ratcliffe, could you forward this on to your main contact lists please) Thanks.

If anyone would like to say a few words at the service, please let me know and I will pass you on to Ken’s wife.

The funeral arrangements are as follows:  (The family have invited you for refreshment afterwards)

(Please start from the Church as the home address is a small Cul de Sac with no room for cars other than the funeral cortege)

Time:   12:00            Friday 8th May 2015

St Georges Church

Heyworth Street,  Liverpool

L5 3QG

0151 263 6005    SatNav:  53•25’30.8”N   2•58’16.6”W

Time:   12:40            Friday 8th May 2015

Anfield Crematorium

236 Priory Road

Anfield, Liverpool

L4 2SL

0151 233 3004    SatNav:  53•26’21.2”N   2•57’23.2”W

Time:    After Crematorium All invited back for refreshment

Old Campfield Hotel

98 Heyworth Street, Liverpool

L5 4LH

0151 261 4812    SatNav:  53•25’22.1”N   2•58’08.7”W





I have the sad news to say that Ken Bainbridge (Liverpool) died last week.  I’ve forgotten when he retired so I may send an update later on if that is ok with you.  If anyone wants info on funeral details, please give them my email address. Funeral 8/5/15.




Alan Grimsditch



Alan Kemmenoe Retiring

After 40 and a half years working with British Rail, Racal and Thales I am calling it a day and finish at the end of March. My last day in the office will be Thursday 26th followed by drinks in The Windmill, Blossom Street, York from 4pm. If you have worked with me at some point since 1974 you will be welcome to join in and have a beer or two.

Also Mark Bailey has been made redundant and Ian Smales is leaving Thales and will be having a combined farewell with myself.

Alan Kemmenoe





Update on Roger Woodham

Over 30 friends/former colleagues, and his younger brother, gathered at Paddington on 21st January, to remember him.  (not very good picture attached, flash did not seem appropriate)

Andrew P. Jones


It has come to light that Roger in fact passed away on the 1st December and was cremated on the 17th December 2014. Information only filtered through to those he worked with after the New Year.

More shocking was the fact that he had taken his own life by jumping in front a train at Reading junction. Roger only retired middle of last year, and for those that would have known him knew he was a lifelong

member of the railway community.

Roger started his Railway Telecommunications life in the 70s, on WR.

He spent most of his later years working in the Network Rail project office designing and commissioning the old OMNI / ISDX switches. Then moved on to FTN on the switching side.

Clive Kessell said that he was saddened to hear of this tragic event.

"Roger was a great help to me and Mike Tyrrell in the writing of the Networks and Switching section of the IRSE Railway Telecommunications book. I had not seen him for several years but he certainly knew all about telephone exchanges.

"Regrettably I cannot join you on the 21st as I shall be in Paris on

IRSE business.  Please give my regards to those who are present."




The Funeral of Terry Amoroso will take place on

17 February at 3.pm.And will be held at :


West London Crematorium in Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road, London, W10 4RA.


And afterwards will move onto the reception in the William IV public house at 786 Harrow Road, London, NW10 5JX.


It would be helpful for the family if they had an idea of how many people wish to attend, please reply to joey.walsh@ntlworld.com.


Best Regards

 Joe Walsh


Dear Sirs,

I am trying to get ' where are they now / what are they doing now'  information on any of the following persons who worked at ' British Rail Telecoms New Works '  in Manchester around the time 1985 - 1989

Peter Hodson

Dave Birchall

Paul Rumley

John 'Johnny' Clarke

John Feerick

Craig Liddle

Colin Beckley

John Wilkinson

Any links, information or assistance would be very helpful

Regards,  Chris Sutton




Hello All

I wish you all a great 2015.

My son, who lives  in Colchester, has recently passed a "Track Maintenance" course

and has also has a "Sentinel Card".

I know we had nothing to do with Track Maintenance, but if anyone can give me some

company names in the South East/Anglia I would greatly appreciate it.


Rick Brice



16th January 2015

An update on Roger Woodham's recent passing....

Roger died 1st Dec 2014 and was cremated 17th Dec. No donations were requested.

A number of friends and former colleagues will be raising a glass to Roger at 18:00hrs at the Mad Bishop and Bear at Paddington Wednesday 21st January. All welcome.

Best regards

Dave Pierce



10th January 2015

Roger Woodham   RIP

The recent passing of another member of the railway community

For those of you that would have known Roger from the old BR days, I was shocked to hear that he had recently died.


Roger spent most of his later years working in the project office designing and commissioning the old OMNI / ISDX switches. Then moved on to FTN on the switching side


More shocking was the fact that he had taken his own life by jumping in front a train at Reading junction. Roger only retired middle of last year, and for those that would have known him knew he was a lifelong member of the railway community.


Can someone let Alan Tout, and John Trigger know, as they would probably remember him, I think John like myself worked closely with him on the design / installation of the ISDX switches


 Kind Regards

Nigel Scudamore

Telecoms Section Manager, Western Route, Network Rail

1st floor, Templepoint, Bristol. BS1 6NL

Mobile: 07818 011097

Email: Nigel.Scudamore@Networkrail.co.uk


25th November 2014

Brian Tellwright - RIP


Brian passed away at the weekend surrounded by family & friends


His funeral will be at Bradwell Crematorium


Chatterley Close, Bradwell,

Newcastle under Lyme,

Staffordshire, ST5 8LE




Tuesday, Dec 2nd @ 9:20


All are welcome


Ged Noonan CEng, MIET, BSc


7th November 2014

Update on funeral details for Randolph Flatts

The service celebrating the life of Randolph DaCosta Flatts will be held @ 11.30am on Friday 14th November 2014 St Philip the Apostle Philip Lane N15 4HJ

It was his wish that there be no flowers but money donated to Charity.

There will be a donation box at the church. Please can cheques be made to UCL Amyloidosis Research Fund.

We look forward to celebrating his life with you.

Anne and Family



5th November 2014

Another colleague gone but not forgotton,


It is with great sadness that I read in last evenings South Wales Echo that GERRY CHINN had passed away.


Gerry worked for BR in its guises for 43 years in the S&T and into the privatisation era. I had the pleasure of working with him in the AS&TE office in Newport in the 1990’s having progressed from working as a technician in the exchange and bringing him into the minor works team.


He taught me much in my early days and always had a lot to offer the team, and I have many fond memories of working with him.


He will be sadly missed.


The funeral service will be held at JAMES SUMMER FUNERAL HOME, LAVERNOCK COURT, PENARTH, VALE of GLAMORGAN at 12:30pm on THURSDAY 6th NOVEMBER. This will be followed by a service at the CARDIFF and GLAMORGAN CREMATORIUM, BARRY.



Kevin Dancer Complex Schemes Assistant (Great Western) |

Network Rail Telecom |

Mobile: +44 (0)7771 613363

Email: kevin.dancer@networkrail.co.uk


31st October 2014

Sad news of the passing of another colleague.

Hi Derek,


Not sure if you've heard anything, but hearing that Randolph Flatts (ex-Kings Cross) died yesterday of a heart attack after a short battle with cancer.

I'm sure a more formal announcement will follow.




If anybody has any more info then please let Clive Patterson know patterson.clive@gmail.com who will circulate accordingly.

UPDATE    The funeral will be on the 14th November I will update you with the location and Time  I have spoken to Anne and everyone who can make it is welcome (Norman Gayle)


13th October 2014



It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the passing of one of our colleagues, Jerry Malcolm. While Jerry was wheelchair bound for some years following illness, he remained part of our team in his role as Estimator. Jerry passed away from cancer on Saturday night.


I would be obliged if you could pass this information on to anyone who may have known Jerry in his long railway telecoms career; further information will follow as and when known.


Kind Regards

George McGrath


9th September 2014


On 11/04/2014 19:18, Dave Ransom wrote and proposed a gathering of anyone who remembers the wonderful days of the CDC and Melbury house.

Many respondents claimed that they would be unable to attend often saying they would be "out of the country".

However, on Thursday 15th May, several chaps assembled and had, I believe, a pleasant afternoons natter.

It appeared that I had at last,  managed to organise something successfully.

    Someone even suggested we could possibly meet up twice a year without falling out with each other.

So, lets do it again.    If you want to meet up with some of your former fellow workers read on.

I, David Ransom , shall be in the :

Metropolitan Bar (a Wetherspoons pub)

7 Station Approach,

Marylebone Road,


Greater London, NW1 5LA

(That's in the Baker Street LTE Station building)

       AT 12:00 Hours on Thursday 20th November


  Mike Watkins WROTE

Try to encourage everyone to bring some photos along from former times.

If I have missed anyone and you have contact details  please do  extend the invite.

~Cheers dears~

Dave Ransom

Please forward any pics for the website thanks Clive


3rd September 2014

The passing of Mike Goldsworthy


In last nights York Press I noticed Mike Goldsworthy previously in York Project Office and latterly with Global Crossing has died suddenly on 27 Aug.

Funeral at York Crematorium Sept 9th 11.40am.

Regards Mick Carter


10th August 2014

Nick Brooke Retirement get together



As many of you will know after over 36 years in the railway industry I shall be officially leaving Network Rail on 3rd September this year, (with holidays mid August). I have worked with many people over the years, and it would be great to see colleagues old an new for leaving drinks at the Bulls Head Pub, London Road, Manchester (next to Piccadilly station) on Friday 15th August from 16:00pm onwards.


Please would you pass this invite round your teams, and to any colleagues who I have missed off the list as they would be welcome to join me at the Bulls Head?


If you cannot make it then I wish you well for the future.


Regards  Nick Brooke

Network Rail, Sponsor

Network Operations, LNW Route

Int Tel: 085-50068      Ext Tel: 0161-880-3068      Mobile Tel: 07734-848847

e-mail: nicholas.brooke@networkrail.co.uk


19th June 2014

Andy Schofield Leaving do

Hi in case you didn’t know I am leaving/ retiring from NR and I am having a drink in the Earl of Derby Cambridge on the 3rd July from mid afternoon it would be good to see you all if you can make it also could you pass it on to anyone that knows me via the S&T site please.

 Many thanks Andy


17th June 2014

To celebrate the life of Chris Fudge (ex Telecoms technician and Virgin/Cross Country trains) a naming ceremony of a 47 loco will take place at Crewe Station on the morning of Monday August 18th at 09.30. Following this the loco will haul three coaches around the West Coast terminating at Preston in the afternoon. Eighty places are available on this service.

Anyone interested in the trip please contact davidwaldron@swtrains.co.uk.

All are welcome to attend the naming ceremony.


6th June 2014



I recently retired from Amey Rail, after 32 years in Western Region S&T (signalling side, based in Western Tower, Reading and when it closed I moved to Bristol) and wondered if your website could post my request for a PO3000 type relay contact finger tension setting tool?


Another former WR S&T colleague of mine had need of one to adjust a PO3000 relay can used in the control system for a church organ!


Many thanks,


Dave Hazell


28th May 2014

Jim Crabtree Leaving do

Dear All

After many, mainly enjoyable, years, I’m leaving Network Rail on 4th July. I’ve met a lot of great people in this time and so I would like to invite you to a bit of a do.

It’ll be in The Executive Bar, The Waterfall, opposite Derby Railway Station, from 3.30 on Friday 11th July.

If you could all help me by passing this on to your team members, retired folk, old friends, etc I would be most grateful.

Hope to see you all on 11th. July

Jim Crabtree


18th April 2014


Hi Clive,

Could you please broadcast a note on the S&T site, to say that persons with fond, or other, memories of the CDC and its dedicated team of workers are invited to meet up at :-

    The Metropolitan Bar  (a Wetherspoons pub)

7 Station Approach

Marylebone Road



       AT 12:00 Hours on Thursday 15th May,

If the chaps let me know that you intend to attend I can arrange for a few tables

to be gathered together for our party.

Dave Ransom



9th April 2014

The passing of Ian Findlay

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that my Dear Brother Ian passed away following a sudden and most unexpected heart attack at his home yesterday evening.

Ian and his wife Carla had so much to look forward to with his forthcoming retirement.

So sad that it was not to be.

I would be obliged if you pass this sad news on to the good colleagues in your group.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Findlay.

Senior Project Engineer,

Network Rail.

Mob: 07919 128569


4th April 2014

Moving On

Hi as many of you may be aware, after 13 years at Siemens I have decided the time is right to move on and will be starting work at Jacobs Engineering in York in May this year.


New contact details :-


Mobile email for details.    Email address is likely to be nigel.baskerville@jacobs.com


Pleasure working with you all.


Keep in touch



1st April 2014

solari/krone flap indicators


I have been approached to help with getting the old Brighton flap departure board working.  There is the board and some control equipment from a different location.


When I was on the fault control in Croydon these were contract maintained by Telesign, & so I have no information about how they operated.


Can anyone help with any information or documentation please? No matter how small, or seemingly insignificant, anything would be helpful!


Many thanks,


John Piper

0771 569 8553



21st February 2014

Ladies & Gents,

You will have heard by now that I will be leaving Thales under the LR09 VR programme.

We’d like to invite you to join us for a well earned leaving drink at

The Railway Pub (Formerly Sam Wellers) on. Friday 28th February 2014. From 4pm to 8pm.


If I missed anyone please pass this invitation on.

I hope you can make it. If not, best wishes and good luck in your future care



Harry Neill MBA, MCMI

GTS UK Senior Project Manager


6th February 2014

Hi Everyone,

I have been told that John's family are holding a Remembrance Gathering to celebrate his life on Saturday 8th February at 2pm at the Lansdowne Hotel, King Edward Parade, Eastbourne, BN21 4EE.

Vivienne and the family will be pleased to see any of his old friends and colleagues at the gathering.

 If you haven’t done so already, you could also send any recollections to Kevin Start at kevin.start@sky.com

Regards,   Chester


23rd January 2014

Hi Everyone,

 John passed away suddenly on Monday 13th January after a spell in Eastbourne and Brighton hospitals following a fall at his home.

He donated his body to science so a funeral is not expected, however his family plan to hold a memorial service in the not-too-distant future.

 John worked in Wimbledon and, before he retired, worked in Croydon Exchange as Radio Maintenance Engineer.

It is being proposed that a book of ‘recollections’ is to be collated consisting of humorous tales about John which a lot of his friends have at least one or more to relate.

If you would like to contribute, please email them to Pat Moore at pat.moore@networkrail.co.uk

 John is survived by his widow, Vivienne.


Regards,   Chester   


18th January 2014

Hi Clive,

I have heard 3rd hand that John passed away on Tuesday 14th but I haven’t had any further information.

I note there is nothing on your website so I presume you don’t have any information either.


John was a member of our retired Southern S&T social group having served in Telecoms Support in Croydon.

Please let me know if you get any information and I will advise you if/when I get something.


Chester Boyd


17th January 2014

Dear all


Thank you for all the kind messages that you have offered to our family after my father's recent passing.

We now have the desperately sad job of making plans for the funeral and feeding information into the eulogy.  I wanted to do a short piece specifically about how generous my father was – as this is something many people have had first-hand experience of.  In particular I’m collecting memories or very short anecdotes about specific acts of generosity – the dafter the better.

My friend Amy, for example, remembers how he would sometimes post her jiffy packs full of potatoes from his allotment via Royal Mail.  I specifically remember how he drove myself and a two-year old Eva all the way from Reigate to west Wales because I was gloomy that I couldn't join my friends for a New Year party – a round trip of 560 miles!

 I’d be really grateful if you could rack your brains and see if you have any particular memories or examples for me to add to the eulogy.  I’m sure many people would have been on the receiving end of huge bunches of dahlias or odd shaped pumpkins from his allotment!  It would really lovely to be able to share our  memories together at the funeral.

 I'm not sure how many of David's wide network of friends I can reach by email so I would be really grateful if you could pass this message on to others...especially his old work friends, school friends, and allotment friends who aren't on this email list.  Thank you.

 My number is 07729492566 or my email is katepercival@hotmail.com.  

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you at the funeral.

 Love Kate


12th January 2014

David Percivals funeral is at 1pm 27th January 2014 at the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium in Crawley.


You are also very welcome  after the service at the nearby Shipley Bridge Hotel (http://www.chefandbrewer.com/pub/shipley-bridge-burstow-horley/c1121/#find-us).

  If possible please RSVP to:

Ruth at RAPercival@btinternet.com / 01737246493 so we know how much food to order.

Thanks Brian Knight


24th September 2013

Hi Derek,


I’ve been in touch with a few of the guys who worked in York about the



National Winter Ales Festival 2014

19th - 22nd February 2014

The Roundhouse, Derby, DE24 8JE




We’re planning to be there on Saturday 22nd



Wondered if it was worth a mention on your website to see if we can get some more peeps there, as it’s an easy place to get to from so many locations.




 Jacqui Storey/Bayes


18th September 2013

Hi Every one,


As you may already know I'm leaving Thales due to compulsory redundancy after 32 years and 9 days my last day at work will be Monday 30th September!


I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the people that have helped and supported me through my career, and to invite you all for a drink on 11th October at the Horniman at Hays next to HMS Belfast details below I'll be there around 14:30hrs.





I'm keeping the mobile number so keep in touch!




John Routledge QBE

Testing and Commissioning Engineer, Transportation Systems UK


30th August

Dear colleagues,


As some of you will know, the opportunity has arisen for Susannah Parry, Steve Postles and Andy Nattress to leave the business under voluntary redundancy.


To help us mark the occasion in the traditional way, we would like to invite all our friends and colleagues to meet up on Wednesday 25th September at the Minories, from 5pm.


We will then be moving on to Mary Jane’s from 7pm, where Steve and Andy will be giving a demonstration of “Dad Dancing” later in the evening.

We plan to have an area in Mary Jane’s sectioned off for “Thales” so in order to gain an idea of numbers, please let Andy know asap if you are able to attend.


We look forward to seeing you all there.




Andy, Steve and Susannah


25th August 2013

 RE: Bernard McCabe


All, thats truly awful news. Bernard was a great character, and a great judge of character. I have many fond memories of working with him, and I'll never forget the gift he sent me when my son was born.

We had a great banter with Bernard being a Man Utd supporter and me following Arsenal, I opened the huge box he had sent half expecting a Manchester United kit.

 Inside was a full England kit, and a note saying "I thought I'd send a kit we both shared in common!"

He will be sorely missed and never forgotten. RIP Bernard.

Andy Dunkley


23rd August 2013

An invitation to anyone who might know me (Andy Nattress) within the telecom fraternity to a leaving do on Friday 27th September at the Punch Bowl Micklegate York from 4pm.

 After 14 years with Thales, the opportunity has arisen to leave under voluntary redundancy.

I look forward to seeing you and other ex-colleagues to help me mark the occasion in the traditional way.

By the way, there will also be a “London event” on Wednesday 25th September in St Katherine’s Dock – held jointly with Steve Postles (ex Global Crossing).

Details of the London venue to follow.




8th August 2013

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the sudden death of Bernard McCabe of Passcomm Ltd.

Many of you will have met Bernard over the years at Hellermann Electric, AC Egerton or more recently at the company he founded – Passcomm.

He was a force of nature; once met never forgotten.

He will be sadly missed by everyone.



21st July 2013

On 28 October 2005 Eddy Salter said he would like to remind everyone that the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the closure of Carlow Street will be taking place on November 30th (St Andrews Day) at the Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street, near to Euston Station.

On Wednesday 24 November 2010, our get together was billed as the Eddy

Salter Memorial Carlow Street reunion, following Eddy's untimely death.

Last year, 28 November 2012 there was only a very select group of us, *so I am asking*,

on 27 November 2013, the last Wednesday in November,

*do you want to meet at the Exmouth Arms*, Starcross Street, near to Euston Station,

at lunch time, to remember old times?

Drop me an e-mail, and if there is a reasonable response, I will get it put

on www.telecominfo.co.uk/events.html

Traditionally, the Carlow Street do has been an event for all who had worked

in a London office, or had an association.

It is a bit early to wish you a happy Christmas, but let's start planning.

Best wishes All

Andrew P. Jones


Carlow Street 1972 - 1983


19th May 2013

  I wish to inform you that James Macaleenan of NR telecoms mtce in Scotland has suddenly passed away on Sun 16 June he was 59 Yrs old with almost 40 Yrs service from BR through Thales and back to NR.

Funeral will be Satuarday 22 June @ St Josephs Mayberry Place , Blantyre Glasgow G72 9DA @ 10 Am.


Could you please pass this on to all as Jimmy was well known to all in NR and the Union community

and we wish all to know of these arrangements.

Thanks Derek for your assistance in this matter,

Frank Bissland



21st May 2013

"As you are  may be aware I have now retired from Network Rail. I am planning a joint do with an ERTMS colleague, Tony Crabtree, who is also retiring. The venue will be "Doggets, Coach and Badge" situated just south of Blackfriars Bridge, on the Thames. Date is Wednesday 12th June, time is  from 16:30.

Please let me know if you can make it.  Email is now i.fazakerley@virginmedia.com."



Ian Fazakerley


17th May 2013

Confirmation of Arrangements, Funeral of Alan Eggby.


Thursday 23rd May 2013.

Time.15 15 Hrs.

Croydon Crematorium (East Chapel)

Thornton Road,

Thornton Heath,



12th May 2013

Sad News Alan Eggby Cable Supervisor (Retired) Waterloo/ Ashford Telecoms (SR) Sadly passed

                away on Wed 8th May 2013. Funeral Arrangements to be confirmed.


6th April 2013

Hello Everybody


As you may have heard Ron Freeman retired Maintenance Supervisor from Liverpool St in the 80’ & 90’s passed away in hospital on Tuesday morning aged 84.

Ron retired from BR on 21st March 1993 along with Pete Russell & Pete Pinagli .


Below are details of Ron’s funeral arrangements kindly sent by Ron’s wife Pauline.


Kind Regards Derek


Hello Derek,

Please find below details of Ron's funeral.

I would be grateful if you could do your usual thing re letting those that need to know, know.



Date: Tuesday 16th April

Time: 12pm noon

Venue: Pitsea/Basildon Crematorium, Church Road, Bowers Gifford, Basildon, Essex SS13 2HG.


Time: from 1pm

Venue: 'The Hollywood' Restaurant, 140 Shipwrights Drive, Thundersley, Benfleet, Essex SS7 1RF.


Thank you,




22nd December 2012

Just a long shot, I am trying to track down a couple of guys who I used to work with in Buchanan House Glasgow,  George Sharp and Walter Jones, I think Walter is now retired but George was still working in Signalling out of Scotland

Do you have any contacts that might help

My Details:  Retired


Cheers Joe


From Paul Darlington

Does anyone have details or a contact email address for Paul Mobbs?


11th December 2012

A note from Ged Noonan which accompanied the pictures from the Chester do on the 7th December

“What are those tablets for?”

They keep me breathing”


Welcome to the latest get together of telecom staff at Chester, where over 30 colleagues turn up


They are a fashionable set as well.  This season’s colour must be purple, after the way that the purple in Brian’s tie complemented the purple in Stan’s jumper and matched Dave’s shirt colour.  No jokes about the redness in peoples eyes please.


It was commented upon that Roy’s earrings didn’t match in colour, and that one of them did look as though it was going a bit green.


So there was as least one new recruit to the retirement group, Paul Darlington, with at least one more due hopefully before the NY.


Also, Keith Ryder is taking Level 3’s offer and that probably explains why he had a grin from ear to ear.


A few more people at the old “Global Crossing” look as their services will no longer be required rather than having the opportunity to choose their departure time, whilst one regular attendee is hoping that his long standing request to leave is granted


So there could be a few more “celebrations” in the forthcoming weeks


The next “do” should be at the tail end of July and the following one on the first Friday in December


Mr. Roberts has indicated his availability is subject to clearance from any Sky TV recording commitments



Ged Noonan CEng, MIET, BSc |

Renewal & Enhancement Eng | Network Rail Telecoms

3rd Floor | Square 1 |  Travis St |  Manchester | M1 2NY


30th November 2012

Hi Derek/All

Just a long shot, I am trying to track down a couple of guys who I used to work with in Buchanan House Glasgow, George Sharp and Walter Jones, I think Walter is now retired but George was still working in Signalling out of Scotland

Do you have any contacts that might help

My Details  are Retired    jsashmall@yahoo.com    

Cheers Joe


16th November 2012

I have been informed by Derek Lee,s (Tommy) partner that his Funeral will take place

on Thursday 22nd Nov and will commence at 11:30 at The Church in Rose Hill Cemetery Doncaster,

 followed by a Burial in the same cemetery, all friends are welcome.


I can be contacted on railwayman2000-dtlee@yahoo.co.uk

Regards Ray Guy


13th November 2012


Could you please do the usual for me with the info below.


It is with deep regret that I have to tell of the passing of one of our colleague's at Doncaster,



Tom or Tommy as he was more commonly know, died in Doncaster Hosptial on Thursday morning (8th) after a fight against Cancer.


I will post more info as soon as I can dependent on his partners wish's.


Contact with me can be made through address railwayman2000-dtlee@yahoo.co.uk


Regards Ray Guy


15th October 2012

10 Portsmouth Wood Close


West Sussex

RH16 2DQ

Phone: 01444 412143

  Mobile: 07803 269379


Friends of the SR Telecomms Department at Wimbledon and Croydon

Annual Lunch -  Friday 14th December


As some of you know Les Rubie has asked me to take on organising this years lunch and I regret the late notice this change over has caused and the short time you have to reply.

Les was investigating alternative venues for the lunch but I am a traditionalist and in deference to the memory of Dave Newman, who started this lunch, I reinvestigated Lewis with the help of Chris White but have decided in the end to go back to the White Hart.

The new owners of the White Hart have changed the format this year and it will now be a served meal rather than the carvery we used to enjoy. However there is a condition that we only have three separate choices between us. To simplify matters I suggest we opt for a common menu, except where dietary reasons apply. Please let me know if you have a particular dietary need then I can circulate the result.

The cost this year will be £23.50 (Excluding drinks), but including tips and administration costs and I will need to pay a deposit of £10 per person on booking with all the details and final payment being settled at least 7 days in advance. Drinks to be ordered and paid for on the day.

Please let me know as soon as you can if you would like to come and I will make a booking accordingly.

You may prefer to send me a cheque for the full amount of £23.50 to save on postage of two letters for deposit and balance.

Regards,  Mike


31st August 2012



Eddie has sent me an E Mail to say he is retiring as Site Manager Telecoms LNE from Network Rail.

He is having a leaving get together at the Railway Institute York

on Friday 21st September 2012 16:00 onwards.

As many people know the Institute is next to the station.


Everybody is welcome to come along and have a drink and a chat.


Kind Regards




16th July 2012

“I’ve got what used to be known as a long drop.  It’s now known as a high rise”

“Well, we always knew you were a big boy”

The bodies may be slowing down, but the wit is as razor sharp as ever.  Welcome to the latest instalment of the Crewe-ites get together.  Obviously it’s not held in Crewe but Chester.


A newcomer to the retired staff list is Mick Baines.  In the few months since he retired he has not had time to build up his tan, and he has a long way to go before he will match that of Brian Roberts.  As there are only a limited number of places to visit on a cruise, and Brian has done most of them, rumours that he has enrolled on Richard Branson’s inaugural space flight have yet to be confirmed.


When someone announces that “My bits are falling off”, the reply is as instantaneous as it is cutting

“Does you wallet still open?”


The next instalment of Humorous Ageing Men takes place on the first Friday in December.


It has been suggested that an “inbetweener” takes place at somewhere different, yet close to a railway station.   The “Head of Steam” on Lime St station has been suggested. If anyone is in favour, let me know and I’m sure something can be arranged


Stan Fletcher sends his apologies for not being able to get there but he was attending a funeral elsewhere




Ged Noonan CEng, MIET, BSc |

Renewal & Enhancement Eng | Network Rail Telecoms

3rd Floor | Square 1 |  Travis St |  Manchester | M1 2NY


Mobile: +44 (0) 7795 477 561




22nd May 2012



A summer get together has again been arranged for Friday 13th July 2012 at the Harkers Arms Chester start 1230 to 1300.


As usual, everyone is welcome


Ged Noonan CEng, MIET, BSc |

Renewal & Enhancement Eng | Network Rail Telecoms

3rd Floor | Square 1 |  Travis St |  Manchester | M1 2NY


Mobile: +44 (0) 7795 477 561



12th May 2012



I have just been notified by Kevin McGeorge (Network Rail) that retired cable joiner Bobby O'Neill passed away yesterday 8th May 2012 after he collapsed and attempts to revive him failed.

I do not have further details but if you would like to notify everyone of the sad news please. Thank you.


Regards Aston


Aston S. McNeil | LUL Connect Field Engineering VSO Technician,Transportation Systems

Thales UK | Field Eng. Team Leaders Office,2 Spur Road, London SE1 7RA


3rd May 2012

It is with great regret that I have to inform you of the passing (on April 23rd) of another telecoms colleague - Pete Cousins ex-Peterborough and March telecoms, aged 77.


As many of you will know from the Christmas get-togethers, Pete really enjoyed chatting with his old friends and workmates and he will be sorely missed this year.

Our sympathies go out to his wife Janet, along with his two daughters and son.


The funeral is to be held at Peterborough Crematorium on Friday May 11th at 11.30am.

Family flowers only, although donations can be made in his memory to the Peterborough Alzheimer's Society either at the service or sent to the address below:


Turner and Son

Independent Funeral Directors

City Road



PE15 9LS


Many thanks,

Russ Price


20th April 2012

Befitting of someone who has spent 42 years in the rail industry, it was a cracking turn out at  the retirement do held for Mick Baines.   The Liverpudlians of both blue & red persuasions popped in on their way to some game in London, whilst the Carlisle stalwarts once again nipped down.


Retired staff turned up looking tanned, fit and healthy, much to the envy of these still in employment, prompting much planning as to who will be next to pull into the buffers


A question remains to be answered

1)       Should the summer get together in Chester be held around mid July?

Ged Noonan CEng, MIET, BSc |

Renewal & Enhancement Eng | Network Rail Telecoms

3rd Floor | Square 1 |  Travis St |  Manchester | M1 2NY


Mobile: +44 (0) 7795 477 561




6th April 2012


I have recently completed 40 years in the rail/transport industry and have considered it is time to close this chapter and open the next one.

So I have decided to retire and cash in my pension while there is some money left in it!.

I have really enjoyed the 40 years, there have been many high points and I thank all of you that I have worked with for your friendship and good fun.

I would be delighted if you could share a drink with me before I go at the end of April.

I plan to hold two do’s, one in Manchester and one in Glasgow, do drop in if you can, the details are:

Wednesday 25th April in Manchester

At the Bulls Head, 84 London Road, Piccadilly, Manchester. M1 2PN  from 6pm


Friday 27th April in Glasgow.

At the Committee Room No.9, 18 John Street, Merchant City, Glasgow City Centre. G1 1JQ from 5pm.


Best wishes

Peter Rowell

DCM-TMS Coordinator, MPT ( Mpact-Thales ) Manchester Metrolink Project for Transportation Systems UK

Thales UK

1st Floor Annex, Trafford Plaza, 73 Seymour Grove, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 0LD


4th April 2012



Unfortunately for anyone that is not aware Rodger Mitchell based in and around West Coast South passed away yesterday morning (3rd April)after several years battling Cancer.

Although he was not part of the West Midlands S&T – he was involved over the years with work on the

A S & T E, Inter City West Coast, GTRM, Carillion & Network Rail LNW

and may have worked with some of you.


Paul Alan Thompson

Signal Sighting Engineer (SDG)

Network Rail (LNW)



Mob: 07767-672482

Tel: 0121-345-3568

E-mail: Paul.Thompson6@networkrail.co.uk


It is with great sadness that I learnt yesterday evening that Rodger Mitchell passed away yesterday morning in a hospice in Watford. His family were with him when he died. Many of you and your colleagues will be aware that Rodger has been battling with cancer for sometime.


I am sure you will agree with me that Rodger was a stalwart railwayman and member of our profession. We in the LNW team will miss him greatly.


I will let you know when I hear about funeral arrangements, etc but if there are any questions about these please ask people to direct them to me in the first instance.


I would be grateful if you could pass on this sad news to any of our colleagues who may have known Rodger.


Best wishes


Graham F Wire

Route Asset Manager (Signalling), LNW(S) Network Rail

100 Wharfside St, The Mailbox, BIRMINGHAM, B1 1RT

Tel: 085 53262 (0121 345 3262)

Fax: 085 54038 (0121 345 4038)

Mob: 077 6767 2561


15th March 2012

Hi All


I’m not old enough to be on your site – started 6 years ago! Geoff Hooper past on the details.


I am setting up a get together in Birmingham for all the local comms engineers on a once a month basis.


First meet up is to be held at The Old Joint Stock (http://www.oldjointstocktheatre.co.uk/rte.asp?id=10), Birmingham B2 5NY, on Friday 13th April at 5:15pm.


Many thanks,  James Sykes


Senior Project Engineer [Telecoms], MEng, AIRSE

Birmingham Gateway Project

  t  0121 654 7930   s 07825 969 275


" 4th Floor, 85 Smallbrook, Queensway, Birmingham B5 4HP


12th March 2012



Fyi, and please pass on to all who know Mike.


Mike Baines has decided to call it a draw and retire after 42 years continuous service with BR, BRT, Racal, Thales and since April 09, back with Network Rail!


Mike was for many years the Telecoms Maintenance Lineman in the North Manchester area under BR, before becoming a Telecoms Trainer in the S&T training school that was set up in Rail House Manchester for a few years in the early 1990s. For about the last 18 years Mike has been a Safety Manager for Racal / Thales, and more recently SQEAM supporting LNW and Scotland DMs now RCEs, Stoke Tec as well as still doing a lot of in house safety type Training all over the country.


We wish Mike a long and happy retirement and he will be having a ‘leaving do’ to which all are invited, on Friday 13th April 2012, 2pm onwards at:


The Waldolf, public house / Hotel

Function room,

3 Gore Street (off London Road)



M1 3AQ


If you would like to contribute towards a leaving gift for Mike, please contact:


Paul Royce on 07515 627557 or email: paul.royce@networkrail.co.uk




Mike Ankers


Route Communications Engineer, LNW


7th March 2012

After 42 years, Mike Baines has decided to blow the whistle on his railway service career and stable up in pastures, or canals, anew


So he will be laying out a few mugs of tea and plates of cream cakes in the Waldorf, Manchester, on Friday 13th April from 2pm


If anyone is superstitious, there may be some alcohol available to ease their nerves.


Dear All,

Re: Reisch's Leaving-do

As some of you may know I retired from Thales

on the 31st December 2011 after just 37 years and 2 months.

To simplify variables, such as, pay day, poets day, get-together day and leaving-do day,

I am having my leaving-do on Friday 27th January 2012

at the Punch Bowl (Wetherspoons),

YORK from 16:00 hours pm o'clock GMT.

This will coincide with DJ's planned organised event announced earlier.

If you can make it, hope to see you there.

Richard Reisch


Jan 2012

I would be obliged if you could let the group know that I have accepted a deal and left Thales.

Many thanks to all I have known and had the pleasure to have worked

with in the Industry throughout the UK.

My email is I.summers@ntlworld.com for those that wish to remain in touch.


Ian Summers

Principal Project Engineer, Glasgow, Transportation Systems UK

Thales UK

1 Linthouse Road, Glasgow, G51 4BZ


From Chris Gee 18th Jan 2012

Great web site, just had a walk through it.

Both Terry and myself started with British Rail S&T. I started on the 18th May 1980 and Terry July 1986.

We took the opportunity of voluntary redundancy from Thales in 2001, and started a Railway company by the name of TST (Track Safe Telecom). Unfortunately the company went into voluntarily administration in 2009. Terry and I regrouped and started a new company in November 2009 called GEE communications Ltd, still primarily servicing the Rail industry, once you have joined the family it’s difficult to look to any other industry. The first year of trading we held an event in the local Cardiff Rugby Club, inviting all the people from the companies that supported us through the bad times at the end of TST. Colleagues, both active and retired came from NR, ARRIVA etc., I think the fact that we had a free bar helped in some way ha! It was such a success that we were asked to make it a yearly event.

2011 the event grew somewhat and we were over the moon to see colleagues, you may know there, Mr Dave Lewis, Peter Moggeridge, Colin Gardiner, Windsor Richards. Chaps that I can see in your rogues gallery. So many of past and present Rail colleagues were there, some commented it was like the old S&T functions that were held in the good old days. I think next year will see a lot more of the old crew attending as the message gets out. We certainly hope so!

Apologies for going on, but keeping in touch with active and retired staff, is something I am passionate about. That’s why your Web site is such a good vehicle.

Keep up the good work!


BR (Best Regards)




Chris Gee


Nov 2011 Neil Roberts retirement

I would just like to say thanks to all the people who turned up to the 'Duke of Gloucester to celebrate my retirement.  It was great to see you all again. The room was only just big enough to get you all in. So thanks to all the people from Crewe, Chester, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Kev from Carlisle.


Thanks - keep in touch Neil Roberts