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Thanks Wayne Adamson


Thanks Russ Price

Don’t know if you’ve seen this before, WCML Modernisation Early 1970s

 15 mins in Preston PSB being wired up.

20 mins 44 Seconds Carlisle PSB commissioning, Colin Brookes picking up his paperwork


Regards    Ged Noonan

The incredible work to repair one of UK's deepest railway ventilation shafts at Cowburn tunnel | ITV News Granada


A walk through Warrington

Moment railway bridge is driven through Warrington town centre - Manchester Evening News


Regards     Ged Noonan

From Peter Barker =: A very well earned retirement present methinks

The photo was in a book in Liverpool Central library if I remember right it was called rails from Ruabon to Bala and Blaenau

I have walked the Arenig hills hereabouts and on Arenig  Fawr ( the big Arenig in English) there is a memorial plaque to American airmen whose aircraft crashed here.

You can see the narrow ledge cut for the railway high up on the mountainside and Cwm Prysor viaduct looks impressive although I have not been close up to it maybe another one for the ever expanding must do list.

Regards PTBarker

From Brian Roberts

Peter is right that the formation high up on the mountainside shows what a precarious route the railway followed.

There is also a memorial to American airmen who lost their lives in the area on a building in Bala town centre.

19/09/21   Apologies for the delay but there are now a few updates including new albums in the galleries,                    splitting the letters page & adding a memories page where people can reminisce. Also quite a few                additions to the memoriam page.

07/03/20   Passing of another colleague Peter Maddocks and funeral arrangements

06/03/20   Crewe Fellowship 2019 now added to the galleries

8/09/19    A letter from Ven Wood about retiring.

19/05/19   Funeral arrangements for John Broadbent posted under letters

13/05/19  Another passing John Broadbent and a request for information

02/04/19   The passing of another colleague Keith Mann

24&31/03/19  The passing of another colleague Jim Bolton

15/03/19   A request for information from Carl Bowen on the Letters page

07/02/19   Details added to the letters page for Alf Marshalls funeral

05/01/19   New gallery for Merv Prowse.  Thanks Paul Darlington.

27/12/18   The passing of another colleague Merv Prowse

01/12/18   Two new photo galleries “Chester Christmas Get-together Christmas 2018” and “Carlow St.                   Christmas Meeting 2018” thanks once again Ron Richards, details also added to the database for                    David Twissell

11/11/18   New photo gallery “Ex LMS & LMR Apprentices Dinner 2018” Thanks Ron

13/11/18   The passing of another colleague Dave Birchall

28/10/18   New photo gallery addition “Pete Chappel leaving do at Wetherspoons York” Thanks Richard Reisch

18/09/18   The passing of another two colleagues Nigel Webb & Robin Nunney

13/09/18   Update to contact details for Nick Dods

20/07/18   New album added to the gallery “LM Fellowship Birmingham BBC 2018” Thanks Ron Richards

17/08/18   Updated events Peterborough 2018 added

13/06/18   Update on donations for Stan Fletcher on the letters page

09/06/18   Letter and details added for the passing of Stan Fletcher

20/05/18   Details updated for Ben Jenks and Mick Carlton

14/03/18   Details updated for Paul McCormick

13/03/18   Details updated for Tony Daft and added details of another passing Nigel Holroyd

04/03/18   Details updated for Alan Brown

01/03/18   Details updated for Robin Tew  also emails updated for various others (rejected emails)

02/02/18   Change of details for Paul Callaghan & Trevor Foulkes

30/01/18   The passing of another colleague Dave Lewis added to the letters and memoriam page

15/01/18   Change of details for Steve Emery & John Pembroke

12/01/18   Apologies for any delays in announcements:

The passing of more colleagues Malcolm Austin, Wes Dodds and Mike (Bilko) Bayliss mikes funeral               arrangements also added

11/01/18   Sorry there will be a few weeks delay in getting the galleries upto to date but please keep the pictures coming

06/12/17   The passing of another two colleagues Gordon W Smith & Adrian Askam added to the letters and                    memoriam page

02/12/17   Latest addition to the Galleries “Carlow Street 2017 Xmas” Thanks Ron

20/10/17   Details updated for Stuart Ette who has now retired

21/09/17   The passing of another colleague Gilbert Fox added to the letters and memoriam page

06/09/17   Letter from Alan re: December meet up at Liverpool Street

12/05/17   The passing of another colleague Colin Andrews added to the letters and memoriam page

06/08/17   New gallery added LM Fellowship Birmingham Gathering August 2017

27/07/17   Two new galleries added one for Pete & Jenny Maisey and Western 93 Group Bristol July 2017

25/05/17   The passing of another colleague Dave Murtagh of Reading cables section including funeral                     arrangements

24/05/17   Details updated for Dave Woodward (emails rejected)

23/05/17   Details updated for John Batts

20/05/17   Details for Chris White updated

19/05/17   Details added for the funeral of Frank Green

12/05/17   The passing of another colleague Frank Green added to the letters and memoriam page

24/04/17   Details updated for John Appleton

15/04/17   Updates to the events and memoriam pages

28/03/17   Details updated for Tim Warren (Now Retired)

28/03/17   Updated details of the funeral arrangements for Pete & Jenny Maisey

24/03/17   Funeral details added to the letters page for Pete & Jenny Maisey

23/03/17   Added Peterborough get together on the Events page

21/03/17   Details updated for Ron Leech

19/03/17   Details updated for Robin Davis

02/03/17   Details updated for Tony Larkins

14/02/17   Details updated for Rob McGowan

25/01/17   The passing of another colleague Steve Ridgeon added to the letters and memoriam page

24/01/17   Details of a get together at Ipswich added to the events page

12/01/17   Details updated for Adrian Moss

25/11/16   The passing of yet another colleague Fred Kerr added to the letters and memoriam page, hoping                    this will be the last of 2016

13/12/16   Details added for 2017 get together’s for the Western Region S & T Thursday Club

13/12/16   Details updated for Barrie Shepherd

11/12/16   New gallery added for Crewe Fellowship Christmas 9th Dec 2016

01/12/16   New gallery added  Peterborough 2016

30/11/16   All emails ending in  thalesgroup.com now updated to uk.thalesgroup.com Valid from 1st Dec 2016

                 Thanks Aston

25/11/16   The passing of yet another colleague Brian Matthews added to the letters and memoriam page

19/11/16   Details updated for Trevor Moore

11/11/16   Details updated for Mick Carlton

09/11/16   Details for Rob Tonks and also Carlow Street reunion added

03/11/16   Details updated for Richard Walker

26/10/16   Added Liverpool Street Christmas drinks meet up on the events page

25/10/16   Updated details for Robert Berriman

23/10/16   Paul Royce's leaving do and retirement details added to the letters page

15/10/16   The passing of yet another colleague Norman Henderson added to the letters and memoriam page

11/10/16   Updated infon funeral arrangement for Caroline Nelson

11/10/16   Retirement information for Malcolm Wilkinson

05/10/16   The passing of yet another colleague Caroline Nelson added to the letters and memoriam page

27/09/16   Updated details and added picture for Dave Maidman on the memoriam page

24/09/16   Added Richard Irving to the people list

17/09/16   Letter from Mike Brookes (Preston) added to the letters page

14/09/16   The passing of yet another colleague Dave Maidman added to the letters and memoriam page

09/09/16   Updated details for the funeral of Pete Sutton on the letters page

06/09/16   The passing of Pete Sutton added to the letters and memoriam page

27/08/16   New gallery added “LM Fellowship July 2016” also changed the look of the galleries to make them                   easier to view on mobile devices.

27/08/16   “Lords of the ring” article added to the York Telecoms gallery and “Derby School” gallery added

21/08/16   The Passing of Keith Annakin and funeral arrangements added to Letters page

06/08/16   Meet up with Rick Brice added to events page

27/07/16   Details updated for Jim Hogg

14/07/16   Details updated for Tony Larkins now retired

23/05/16   Details updated for Steve Oldridge now retired.

18/05/16   Letter from Steve Oldridge on retirement drink up

10/04/16   Details for Torrin Sarreti updated

19/03/16   Details for Don Bryan updated

20/02/16   The Passing of Pat Verdult (Wimbledon) and funeral arrangements added to Letters page

16/02/16   The Passing of Steve Lester (Preston Telecoms) and funeral arrangements added to Letters page

                Details updated for John Mewett now retired

04/02/16   The Passing of Mike Kilbride and funeral arrangements added to Memoriam page

12/01/16   Dates added for the “Western Region S & T Thursday Club”

09/01/16   Details updated for Dave Hopkins ( New company )

06/01/16   The Passing of William (Bill) Hall and funeral arrangements added to letters and Memoriam page

02/01/16   New gallery added “Western Region Henley-on Thames Dec. 2015” thanks Ron Richards

01/01/16   Details for Peter Freeman updated

01/01/16   Happy New Year to all near and far

29/12/15   New gallery added “Reading Telecoms Christmas Get together 17th Dec 2015” thanks Andrew Jones

29/12/15   Details updated for Mel Conboy  ( no new email )

13/12/15   Crewe Fellowship Christmas 2015 added to the galleries

09/12/15   Chester Christmas 2015 added to the galleries.  Request letter from Chris Durrant on the letters                   page.

29/11/15   Carlow Street Christmas 2015 added to the galleries page. Thanks Ron Richards

15/11/15   Details for the Crewe Christmas get together updated (11th December) Dave Petrie details updated

14/11/15   Details for Peter Batley updated (no details available)

13/11/15   Details updated for John Medlock

05/11/15   The passing of  another colleague Les Heard last week funeral 12th see letter page for details

02/11/15   Details updated for Marios Phillips

24/10/15   In Memoriam page updated and the Events updated

24/10/15   Added Tim Warren to the people list Updated details for Sandy McGill (retired but no email)

23/10/15   Added Mike Mitchell to the people list  Updated details for Edward Wood & Alan Tout added                         Stephen Teale

08/10/15   Added Peter Freeman to the people list

04/10/15   Events updated

03/10/15   Details updated for Steve Allday

02/10/15   Details for Mark Whitaker updated

02/10/15   The funeral details for Derek Pollard added (more details required) and events updated

02/10/15   Details for Tony Hines updated

11/07/15   New album “LM Fellowship Hack Green Trip Sept 2015” added to the galleries. Thanks Ron Richards

                also a few extras in the miscellaneous gallery

21/09/15   The sudden passing of  another colleague Steve Haigh aged 58 on Saturday 19th September 2015

17/09/15   Added Ken Belfield to the people list

03/09/15   Added a letter about Western Tower Reading demolition & The Carlow Street get together

16/08/15   Details for Keith Harrison updated

11/07/15   New album “LM Fellowship Canal Trip 2015” added to the galleries. Thanks Ron Richards

25/06/15   New album “Crewites June 2015” in the galleries section, thanks Ged

04/06/15   The passing of another colleague Arthur Smithson the S&T(painter) Ipswich.

29/05/15   Details for Nigel Baskerville updated,  a few extra pics in the miscellaneous gallery

21/05/15   Bernard Clarkson (Retired RS&TE Reading) added to the people list

15/05/15   News of the passing of yet another colleague formerly Joanne Wilde and think was Joanne                    Tweedhope details on the letters page

08/05/15   News of the passing of another colleague George Hoggar  (Ipswich) who has passed away at the

                 grand old age of 86.

03/05/15   Details being added for the passing of Ken Bainbridge and details changed for Adrian Smith-Jaynes

20/04/15   Details for Mark Bailey updated

09/04/15   Details updated for Arthur Milburn

07/04/15   Details updated for Alan Kemmenoe now retired

24/03/15   Added Chris Chilton (ex Watford Junc S.Tech left S & T 1989) to the people list

10/03/15   Two new albums added  LM Fellowship A.G.M. 2014 & LM Visit to JCB factory 2014

04/03/15   Late news of the passing of another colleague David Wheeler

18/02/15   A few extra companies added

14/02/15   Details of the funeral arrangements of Terry Amoroso added on the letters page

01/02/15   A request from Chris Sutton for information on old colleagues on the letters page

30/01/15   Details updated for Joe Walsh

23/01/15   A request from Rick Brice in the letters section.

22/01/15   Added David Ovens to the listing

19/01/15   Retirement do for Mr ROBERT WARD (44 yrs service) and Mr ALEX FRY (35 yrs service) added to                 events page


Alex Fry

16/01/14   Details added for a “raise your glass to Roger Woodham” added

11/01/15   Details of the passing of another colleague Roger Woodham in the letters & memoriam section

11/01/15   Details updated for Steve Hurd now retired

03/01/15   New album added “Chester - Dec 14- Baby Buffers on Tour”

21/12/14   New album added to the gallery page “Exeter (Western Region 93 Group) Christmas 2014”

20/12/14   New photo album added to the gallery page L.M. Christmas Dinner at Crewe 2014

17/12/14   Picture with Steve Ridgeon added to the misc gallery

13/12/14   Added details for Peter Maddocks & Alan Brown

30/11/14   Details changed for Andy Mallors

28/11/14   Details added for Brian Faulkner

25/11/14   Details updated for Dennis Clough, an update on the passing of another colleague and various                   email changes

05/11/14   Details of the passing of another colleague Gerry Chinn in the letters section

01/11/14   Letters and details added/updated for the passing of Jerry Malcolm & Randolph Flatts

01/11/14   Details for Dennis Clough updated

10/08/14   Details for Nick Brooke’s retirement do     New letter for CDC get together's

26/07/14   Details for Alan Grimsditch updated after taking retirement

24/07/14   Details updated for Richard Lawes

17/06/06   Event added  Andy Schofield retirement do

06/06/14   Letter request help finding a relay adjustment tool

31/05/14   Andy Fox added to the people list

28/05/14   Leaving do details for Jim Crabtree added

27/05/14   New gallery uploaded for CDC 15th May 2014

27/05/14   Details for Jimmy Gillies updated

18/04/14   CDC Remembered request letter added

04/04/14   Nigel Baskerville details changed & moving on

01/04/14   Request for information/help on Solari/Krone flap indicators


01/04/14   John R Piper added to the people list.

21/02/14   Farewell invite from Harry Neill

29/01/14   Details updated for Roger Woodham, now retired

23/01/14   Update on the passing of John Cargill

23/01/14   Details for Lester Olliff updated

18/01/14   New gallery added Graham Fox Retirement Do 17 Jan 14

18/01/14   News of the passing of John Cargill

17/01/14   Request letter added from Kate Percival for memories of Dave Percival

11/01/14   Details for Ashley Brown updated —  change of job      Events also updated

10/01/14   Details for Jerry Martin change due to retiring

03/01/14   Dave Percival (Percy) retired, Southern Region/Territory, passed away suddenly at home on                 Thursday 2nd Jan 2014. Details on the letters page.


27/12/13   Details added for next years Peterborough re-union

01/12/13   Details changed for David Pearson

11/11/13   Photos added to the York Signalling & the York Telecoms galleried

29/10/13   Details added for Stuart Campbell

20/10/13   New gallery added Leeds Reunion 17/10/13 S & T reunion held at Yates Wine Lodge, Leeds

25/09/13   Details changed for John Routledge

24/09/13   Invite letter to National Winter Ales Festival 2014 in Derby  19th - 22nd February 2014

18/09/13   Leaving do details for John Routledge added to the events page and to the letters.

06/09/13   Carlow Street do details confirmed

30/08/13   Details updated for the leaving do organised for Andy Natress, Susannah Parry & Steve Postles

25/08/13   Letters updated with tribute to Bernard McCabe

24/08/13   Details added for Alan Moreton and details updated for Jeff Fairman

23/08/13   Details changed for Andy Nattress & Peter Elbro now retired & status for Derek Bell & Ken Hutton                  updated    Events and letters updated

08/08/13   Sad news of the passing of Bernard McCabe of Passcomm Ltd. (Hellermann Electric, AC Egerton)

03/08/13   Details changed for Colin Northrop, Paul Clark, Mark Gibson, Pete Evans, Simon Blount,

                  Chris Curran, Scott Taylor, Mick Fewkes thanks for the updates Colin

29/07/13   Email details changed for Ronald Frith

25/07/13   New Gallery added for Bridlington Wetherspoon’s 23rd July 2013

30/06/13   Added new gallery for Chester June 21 2013. Thanks Ged

19/06/13   News of the passing of  James Macaleenan of NR telecoms mtce in Scotland Details added

03/06/13   Major updates carried out on the Memoriam page

01/06/13   Details updated for Bob Meller

28/04/13   Email details added for Ian Fazakerley and details of a leaving do

18/05/13   Details added for the funeral arrangements of Alan Eggby to the letters page

12/05/13   Added a Memoriam Page to remember colleagues who have left us. Still needing a lot more work.

12/05/13   Sad News Alan Eggby Cable Supervisor (Retired) Waterloo/ Ashford Telecoms (SR) Sadly passed

                away on Wed 8th May 2013. Funeral Arrangements to be confirmed.

11/05/13   Email details removed for Ian Fazakerley now retired  ( no new details available )

06/05/13   Details added for Robert Berriman

29/04/13   Details added for John Rymell

28/04/13   Email details added for Richard Reisch

18/04/13   Email for Terry Jewiss updated

09/04/13   Email for Bob Seeds updated

06/04/13   Sad news of the passing of Ron Freeman retired Maintenance Supervisor from Liverpool St

                in the 80’ & 90’s passed away in hospital on Tuesday 2nd April morning aged 84.

                See letters page for funeral details.

05/04/13   New gallery added “Crowstone Basildon” (mid to late 70’s)

05/04/13   Email for Ray Guy  (Raymond) changed also details of Abdul Farooq updated


30/03/13   New gallery added “Cambridge Power Box Construction”

27/03/13   News that Ian Fazakerley has decided to hang up his boots in the Everton locker and head for the                 hills of early retirement! He will be arranging a leaving do (date TBA) in the Liverpool St area                 (naturally) for sometime a couple of weeks after his last day which is 10th April.

20/03/13   New gallery added Leeds get together 19-03-2013

10/03/13   John Cargill added to the people list

24/02/13   Email for Jimmy Gillies added

23/01/13   Email for Malcolm Williams updated

14/01/13   Malcolm Williams Retirement Farewell Drinks added to the Events Page

01/01/13   A few new galleries:  Bridlington Wetherspoons Sept 2012,  Eddie Baileys Leaving Do BRSA York                 2012,  Llandudno June 2012,  Smiffs Leaving Do Punch Bowl York Oct 2012

01/01/13   Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy New Year

31/12/12   New Gallery added Fred Veitch Memorial Train recovered from the old Fotopic site

23/12/12   Lee Bonnar added to the people list  Added 2 requests for information on people

20/12/12   New gallery added for the LM Christmas Dinner 2012

12/12/12   Email for Steve Day & Mike Watkins updated

11/12/12   New gallery added for the Chester Christmas do 7th Dec 2012

09/12/12   Email for John Appleton updated also marked as retired

07/12/12   More pictures added to the Peterborough 2012 gallery.  Email details for Paul Darlington updated                  due to retirement.

06/12/12   Date added for Peterborough re-union 2013  (4th December 2013)

06/12/12   New gallery added for the Peterborough get together 2012  

30/11/12   Email for Joe Ashmall updated also marked as retired

16/11/12   Funeral details added for Derek Lee on the letters page.  Malcolm Williams (Manchester) retires                   drinks arranged

13/11/12   Two new names with emails added  Tony McCann & Jimmy McVey

12/11/12   News of the passing of one of our colleague's at Doncaster, Derek Lee on the 8th Nov 2012

27/10/12   The Carlow Street get together date has been amended to the 28th November

21/10/12   Email details for Nigel Lester updated

19/10/12   Location details of Wimbledon/Croydon lunch added to the events. Email change for

                Darren Smith

17/10/12   Letter from Mike Tyrell who is organising a get together &  Email for Brian Groves updated

05/10/12   Events list updated

29/09/12   Email for Eddie Bailey updated due to retirement from Network Rail

27/09/12   New Gallery now available  Bridlington Sept 2012  (Keep the pictures coming)

23/09/12   Added a couple of missing galleries back in. Extra pics in the misc gallery

22/09/12   Details updated for Brendan Tether

07/09/12   Added details for Peter Symonds

04/09/12   Email details for Steve Allday updated

31/08/12   Email updated for Tony Costigan also added details for the retirement do for Eddie Bailey

                 Gallery page now revamped to make it easier for me to update

25/08/12   Events page updated

22/08/12   Email & details added for Lovan Pushparatnam

05/08/12   Added the gallery LM Fellowship Meeting Birmingham Aug 2012 to the gallery page

31/07/12   Email details updated for Derek Kirkby

19/07/12   Latest instalment of the Crewe-ites get together added to the letters page

06/07/12   Jim Carter added with details

28/06/12   Email & details added for Simon Bavin

14/06/12   Leeds Re union pictures added to the galleries page

09/06/12   Change of e-mail address for John Ingham

23/05/12   Chester Summer get Together added to the Events

12/05/12   News of the passing of retired cable joiner Bobby O'Neill on the 8th May 2012

06/05/12   Change of e-mail address for John Midcalf

03/05/12   Added to the letters page; news of the passing of Peter Cousins (Peterborough) & details of                 funeral arrangements

02/04/12   Peter Rowell’s retirement do gallery now live

22/04/12   New email for Tim Wheater also added gallery for Mike Baines’s retirement do on 13/04/12

20/04/12   Added dates for Pete Rowells retirement do’s on the events list

04/04/12   Added details of the passing of Rodger Mitchell

25/03/12   Update on what events are planned during April.

                Friday 30th March 16:30 onwards the monthly York get together at The Punch Bowl.

                Thursday 5th April  16:00 onwards John Midcalf’s retirement at The Railway Institute York.

                Friday 13th April 14:00 onwards Mike Baines retirement at The Waldolf, Manchester.

                Friday 13th April 17:00 onwards the monthly Birmingham get together at The Old Joint Stock.

25/03/12   Added James Sykes to the people list & also details of the Birmingham monthly get together

12/03/12   Birmingham monthly get together added to events. Suggestions for venue & day welcome.

 Mike Baines retirement get together added to events.

12/03/12   John Midcalf leaving send off added to the events

01/03/12   Chris White’s details etc added to the people list

22/02/12   John Hislop added to the people list.

04/02/12   Barrie Shepherd’s details updated.

31/01/12   Jim Grozier added to the people list & status updated.

24/01/12   Croydon drink up on the 9th March added

24/01/12   Colin McIver email changed

21/02/12   Keith Annakin email changed

19/02/12   Mark David’s details updated

19/01/12   Email address updated for Paul McCormick & Gurmukh S. Deagon who retires from Network Rail                 after 39 years. Also details confirmed for York monthly get together last Friday of every Month

                Starting Fri 27th Jan 2012 at the Punch Bowl York.

18/01/12   Chris & Terry Gee email & status updated/added. Ian Summer details updated. Added GEE                 Communications to the companies.

14/01/12   Monthly get together at York added to the events list.

11/01/12   New picture added to the “Doncaster Mafia” gallery & Jeff Fairman & Barry Botfield

                change of email & changes to the Events

08/01/12   Three new galleries added “Changing scenes around Cambridge Dec 2011”,

               “Cambridge S&T Drink 9th Dec 2011 Earl of Derby” &

               “Reading Telecoms Christmas dinner 15th Dec 2011 The Griffin Caversham”.

07/01/12   Events updated.

03/01/12   More pictures added to the “Peterborough 2011” Gallery.

22/12/11   New Gallery added “Cambridge Xmas Meal 19??

21/12/11   New Gallery added “Cambridge Equipment”.

16/12/11   New Gallery added “Western Newton Abbott Xmas 2011”.

11/12/11   More pictures added to the “Peterborough 2011” & the Chester Christmas Get-together 2011”                 galleries.

10/12/11   New gallery added “ LM Christmas Dinner 2011” & extra in “D401”.

10/12/11   New gallery added “Pangbourne Dec 2011”.

09/12/11   More pictures added to the “Peterborough 2011” gallery.

07/12/11   New galleries added “Crewe 2011”, “Old Farts 2011” & “Peterborough 2011”.

                Also a few spaces for more pictures.

07/12/11   New pictures added to “York Signalling” gallery & “Network Rail” gallery.

03/12/11   New Gallery added “Chester Christmas Get-together 2011”

02/12/11   Don Bryan added to the people list.

30/11/11   New photos added to the “Network Rail” gallery

27/11/11   New Galleries added,  “Cambridge Telecoms”, “Cambridge Xmas Meal 1991” &

               “Doncaster Retirements 2000”.

26/11/11   New photos in the “York Signalling” gallery

25/11/11   New gallery added  “Network Rail”

25/11/11   Gordon Hawthorne email updated.    D401 gallery updated.  York signalling gallery also updated.

22/11/11   New gallery added   “STC Basildon”.      Roy Pemberton added back on list & email updated.

21/11/11   Dave Twissell eMail changed. Nicholas Cooney added.

16/11/11   Stan Fellerman’s retirement removed from the Peterborough Re-union

14/11/11   Torrin Sarreti changed email & company

06/11/11   Additional pictures added to the miscellaneous gallery

05/11/11   Letters of thanks page now on line & minor adjustments to some of the galleries.

                 Derek Jessop email updated

04/11/11   Letters of thanks page coming soon. This will be used to put letters of thanks from retirement                   do’s etc.

02/11/11   Steve Curryer, Stephen Hurd & John Mewett added to the people list. Mark David’s email                           address & status updated

29/10/11   Stan Fellerman’s retirement do added to the Peterborough Re-union on the 7th December

 12.00 start

29/10/11  Chris Wood added to site Derek Airey and Derek Jessop have retired

28/10/11  Email’s changed from Global Crossing to Level 3, Emails for Thales staff updated

27/10/11  Events list updated

New look  site launched

Latest News

I have now been running this site since mid 2011, with it’s main purpose being to enable the sharing of pictures and keeping people, from the Telecoms section of the old S & T in touch with each other. Since this time the site has expanded with a memoriam page etc.

Any other suggestions on expanding the site will be considered, time allowing.

I have also had requests to include Signalling staff on the site, maybe a separate set of pages?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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A good piece of reading TOPS

Don’t know if anyone has seen this before, but it may be of interest to some. TOPS A story of a British Railways Project

Still using the same system today as no body can come up with a replacement even with today's technology.

If you can place any names to any of the people in the gallery pictures these can be added into the galleries.

If people have any other pictures laying around or hidden away in boxes etc of railway related items please get in contact using the email below.

These don’t have to be just people, any equipment, locations or other items of interest, they will all be welcome.  I can accept scans, files etc via email or if you want to send via snail mail I can scan them & get them back to you as soon as I can. Larger files the better.

Our current email address is: info@telecominfo.co.uk if you have large files I can accept 25Mb of attachments on my gmail account patterson.clive@gmail.com

A couple of articles that will be of particular interest to people that worked from York in the 80’s

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A proud moment

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