Cambridge Xmas meal 1991

  • October 01 2015


  • Nearest side of table: Back of Tony Larkins head, Keith Ingelby, Declan Hanley, Martin Lenton. Far side of table from left to right: Rick Brice, Pete Maisey,…
  • Nearest Camera: Mick Gillon, Jim Andrew with yellow hat, John Routledge with red hat at far end, Andy Schofield, Melissa Spencer, Tony Larkins.
  • Left side of table: Mick Gillon, Andy Lions Right side of table Declan Hanley, Keith Ingelby, Tony Larkins.
  • Left side of table: Declan Hanley nearest camera Right side of table nearest camera: Mick Gillon, Peter Jenkins, John Heath, Pete Maisey Pink hat, Rick Brice.
  • Left side from nearest camera: Vic Godden, Ken Belfield with red hat, back of Keith Ingelby‚Äôs head, Declan Hanley leaning on table, Mick Dunn, Mick…
  • Mick Carroll & John Heath